The Sundering

A trip outside the walls

Or I really miss my soft and comfy bed.

Been a busy couple of days. Finally back in the city and I’ve got a real kitchen to work in again, and a real bed to sleep in again. Neil says I’m going soft, and I respond with “So?”.

So what do I need to write here…

(Doodles & a sketch)

After we dealt with the basement with the nivolk/half-elf guy and the other things we had gone to the temple of Forge. Carreg did lots of talking, I think I covered that in the last thing I wrote. If I didn’t I’ll add a page here later.

(Blank space for what Kerian things he may have missed. If not more doodles later).

Got back to the house, it was late. Talked with Neil. And he took the idea that there might be a demon statue about a mile from our house surprisingly well. But meant we got to go back out into the city again. Went and checked out the old building and a few people were checking it out. I wonder if they were checking it out because they saw Carreg and I in it earlier, or if it was something else. I’m hoping it was because they saw Carreg and me.

The turtle was still there, and the bookcases hadn’t been moved, yet.

So we —figured that maybe letting someone else know about it, someone that could deal with demon things. Azimon isn’t around here, so that meant going to find Tynerion.

We took the quick way through the runs, and encountered a late night meeting of Abbadon’s followers who used an old Traveler’s statue as a place to speechify from. It made Neil turn a few interesting shades of red and purple. And the vein on his forehead…

Abbadon was there and speaking, but it was like he wasn’t Abbadon. Talking about living together in peace and harmony, the crap about modesty thrown out the window, and women being equals. The crowd went really quiet, a confused quiet, but still quiet. We started to make our way out of there. We had places to be when they figured out something was wrong. So something weird is going on with those religious nutjobs, don’t know what, and if it means Abbadon is someone I don’t have to deal with, I don’t care.

Made our way, finally, to the temple of Forge Tynerion. Ended up thinking it might be a better idea to go and talk to those who hunt and get rid of demons instead of those who would study them. Even Carreg agreed. Got inside the temple (the idiots who worship the Harken statue found a smaller one to worship, outside this temple, and were there.). Talked with the head cleric for a bit, he remembered Calvin as soon as he saw him. Talked with him about demons and stuff, and he had a book about the demon and the guy because he hunted the demon. Some good info, but it told us two important things – the demon thingy should be dealt with, and the knife that was used to kill it too. After our informal little chat, the brandy was put away and he started to brew a pot of kaffee. I wonder what that meant.

Next day was a bunch of council crap. Talking about who was misusing funds, trying to get guards at their property to drill (yeah they just wanted free guard protection), people who complained about not getting their stuff done first. And then somehow the mercenaries have come across goblins that had part of the dragon’s hoard. Finally had one guy who was inspired (uh, oh) to write up laws for reorganizing the councils.

Meeting finally broke up, and Carreg went to the temple, I got to go to Mellus and check out people, and Neil got to go home.

Carreg’s thing found some new head librarian at the temple. Guess he’s got that all squared away. Or is he the new librarian… I didn’t quite catch that. Maybe I should ask, nyaa.

Went to the temple of Mellus/playhouse. And even with being hours late, there were still over a hundred people there who wanted to perform for a noble. The first round of cuts was easy – I got rid of the sword swallowers (3), the guy who was an escape artist, the lady who danced around with nothing but fans, the troupe who were going to perform some scene from a book that the other performers gasped about – stopped them when they started to undress on stage. Side note, need to ask about that book, don’t like feeling ignorant or anything, and the group of Nivolk that liked to throw each other around.

The second round of cuts was almost as easy. The kitra slash dancers – dancing with swords/staves, the dwarvish brass and drum core (I didn’t even know they had one in town, but the suspenders was a sight… hmm may have to hire them to serenade Carreg if he was made librarian… hmm), the guy who thought ripping people off was entertainment – ball and cup, card tricks, dice tricks – um, nope. The mousey lady who lost her spectacles, then her cloak, then her… while she asked the dwarvish brass and crore to play… yeah, she was a nope too.

The first ones to seem decent was this guy all in black. Jumped around stage alot, but had a good story, and kept my attention. Neil will hate this guy! Check! He’s in.

Second one that almost got a spot was a nivolk girl. She had to be just of legal age, just. Her entertainment was being able to climb up, and into, nearly anything. She was damn hard to see even on a lighted stage. If we wanted someone to spy for us, yeah, for someone to help at a property, um no.

Next guy was an acrobat, and he said he knew some singing. Seemed like a decent fellow, but a bit full of himself though. Picked him to come out because of a comment he made “We all come from humble beginnings, but what we make from those is important” – that property sure is humble, and if he can do something to help, then might be worth it.

Another almost was an elvin guy/girl. I’ll be honest, with them it was hard to tell. The voice didn’t help either. They said they were pretty young, but had a variety of talents that could entertain everyone from a human king to a human child. The mention of human kind of unnerved me, but whatever. They told stories, sang songs, played a lute, and said they knew the harp, flute as well. Asked where they came from and got an answer of “a land beyond the trees, molded by the will of the elders, a land beyond time, a land of beauty, of truth, of innocence, a place we should all aspire to” Uh-huh. But man were those songs haunting.

Third was a kitra. She played the lute, and sang. Stories about life on the plains, in Kitran. Well I guess that is the only way those make sense. She came in with a pack and put it aside, gently, and when she was done she went and talked with a bunch of the others. She wasn’t actually as good as some of the others, but a bunch of them came out, did their bit, and then either waited alone, or just left. She went and sought out others to mingle and interact. Yeah, they’ll need that out there.

Another almost was a half orc. I wish I could have given him a chance, but I can’t see sending out there a half orc. Instead I told him to ask at Valus’ place. :) He was strong, and did a strongman routine, then asked me to pick any one of the other performers – I choose elvin thing, and the dwarvish band. Somehow he had a song and music that just worked within just a couple of minutes. He knew his weapons, he had done a stint in the arena, one in a merc company, and now wanted something that was more civilized – his word not mine. He wore armor instead of some fancy outfit, and had to ask him about it, apparently it was his own design – he learned how to make it from it in the stint with the mercs. Yeah, he would have been interesting.

Final one was a nivolk that was a drummer. He had a drum kit that was as big as him. He was also a good sport about it too, while he set-it up with some frames and stuff, he was joking that not only does this mean he has skills with drums, but also fortification assembly, but only if it is nivolk sized. Lots of drumming, and it was pretty good, but even better was when one fell. He walked around the drums, while playing, and started kicking the offending drum, in time. When he was finished he went off and talked with a bunch of others too. I think that’ll be important. He gets an invite.

Left to head out to the dumps Ravenhold the next morning with a whole lot of people C.C stayed behind. (Maybe he was the lucky one… hmm). Both stewards, guard captain, cleric, and more. I made the mellus people walk.

Got out to the property, and looks like they’ve already started working. They cut down Rivaldess holy trees. Really? I mean, really? Used them for everything from lumber, charcoal, staves, and more. At least they’re using the wood, I guess?

Took a tour of the property, and got things started to settle. Neil picked his bards. Tumbling guy turned out to be a tool. Wants to follow Neil around. Think he wants to look up Neil’s skirt. Slept in a tent. Left for the second property.

Second property was in order. Except for one not so little thing. Had a guy who was in the stocks. Apparently even without a Lord or steward in residence they were able to handle a problem. One of the guards is a human cesspool. Guy attempted to do things he shouldn’t to people he shouldn’t. They put him in a quickly made, but still surprisingly good, set of stocks. Set up here was a bit weird as Lord Calvin got to make his first real ruling, and he ordered the guy put down. Makes sense, that’s what you do to rabid animals.

Finally made our way back into town. And had a guest waiting for us, and sparring with C.C. Our problem solver who had checked out the creepy lady from months ago. Apparently creepy lady was following up info on the dragons around the city. Carreg is going to pour over the maps and try to make sense of ’em.

And now time for bed. I think I’m going to make breakfast, with some good Liahan food tomorrow, and then go back for a nap, then some practice, and then a bath. Nothing wrong with being a bit soft when you have fur, eh?



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