The Sundering

And so we left town

Tynerion knights may live a more interesting life than us - poor buggers

After the meeting we decided to leave town for a bit. Check on the properties and the like. Really we decided to go intercept the Tynerion peoples, because, um well… yeah.

So did a bit of looking about with the magic types. Found the Tynerion guys. They look like they made good time, got equipment, and horses. Resourceful. Or was all of that in their keep thing? Either way, they’re provisioned.

Looks like there are 6 of them. The kitra and dwarf we knew from before, and then they’ve got a couple of people from the plains, a half-elf and a plains kitra.

So we packed up and left. Made our way out past the property, Raven’s Curse Hold. And we find that they’re recovering from the attack. Couple of people died – farmers, and I think a guard. They chopped down more trees. Rivaldess must hate this place by now. (Another reason for me to avoid it!) And the cleric of Vanir & Freya arrived and was helping bury the dead & bless the property.

Neil took a quick tour and they talked a bit. Looks like the plans for the place are moving along. People wanted to get sheep and dyes to make some stuff to sell. Good idea, I guess. Set up the steward with a note so he can get Em to get some things sorted. I hope we’ll be back in town before then though.

Finally continued on and got a few more hours away. Ended up at a small inn for the night. The Crossroads or something – I guess that was what that iron cross stood for outside his inn. Had a stage with some lights and a bard. We got a room, and were placed well away from the other patrons, on account of Lord Calvin’s sickness you see. :)

Not much to tell. Some food, and took off the next morning. Ended up finding the Tynerion guys in the next town. Found them repairing an old shrine, and the locals called on ’em to do some judgement thing. Yeah, we went into the bar, but got pulled out when everyone else went to watch too.

Guy was some sort of thief, and stole some food. People didn’t like that, and the Tynerions knights got to decide. Looks like they’ll put him in charge of the local temple. <sigh>.

So they recognized us. Of course they did. Talked with them for a while, and they’re pretty determined to get answers from the capital. Of course they are. What else could go wrong.


We found A vamphir found us during the night. Drained dry a dog in the courtyard, and later one of the Tynerion horses. Carreg and Neil were out looking at the wall. The magical wall meant to keep out nivolk. It had some sort of markings and was about 3 feet high or so. But, back to the vamphir – apparently it can take on some sort of mist form and drain things dry of fluids. Doesn’t look like any person was hurt, just a couple of animals. I guess that is good.

So traveled the next day with the knights back towards the city. Left behind the thief, the half-elf, and one of the humans. Their dwarf had a book with some info on these things. A vamphir is part demon and part undead. Joy. Long story short – it likes to take a couple of candidates and take the winner and turn the winner into a vampire as a reward.

Made our way into the little village. Got the same rooms again. Innkeeper is afraid that Neil is contagious since we now have another person who looks pale. :) Not too much going on, the kitra and dwarf went with Neil to see the local cleric – who apparently is some sort of old blademaster guy, listened to the bard insult dwarves all night, and then had food and went to bed.

And then we encountered our second visit of our new friend fiend. The vamphir clattered on the roof and then was outside the window. Neil threw some money at it, and that seemed to hurt it. Either the money disappeared when it hit that, or the innkeeper was quick to get outside and collect it after it was chased off. I got a shot off with the bow, and Neil thinks that hurt it. Don’t know if it is good, or bad this thing is after us.

A bit freaky, but I’m sure we can handle it. Made our way back into town, and just started to settle in. CC’s back. Em’s here. Now time to figure out what is next. We were thinking about sending some of us to check the temple of Forge, some to the Temple of Tynerion, and maybe to the sages to see what we can find out about this thing.

Hey, maybe we should find Nyx. Where did CC go? Maybe he came back too… hmmm…


I can’t wait to get this #@#^! curse mark off my forehead!!!! I have a demon/undead think wanting me to join his ranks? I don’t think so.

And so we left town

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