The Sundering

And there was fighting and stuff and we weren't even there...

Politics - bah!

Man these journal things are becoming a habit. I need to get back to my carvings. I think I’m going to try a woodcutting next. For paper and stuff. I’ve got this idea about having a bunch of stuff printed up and… well I shouldn’t spoil that surprise.

We were staying at home and checking out a few things around the city and things came to US for a change. I don’t like it.

First the wizard types, shh you know who they are, went and did their thing and went looking to see what the goblins, undead, and other things were up to. We found out lots of stuff, but not necessarily the things we were looking for at first.

The goblins and orcs armies are a hell of a lot less pronounced than the king led us to believe. And he’s got plenty of troops out that way. So sounds like even though the city has its head up its backside, he doesn’t. The forest road looked covered, as did the river to the north.

Then we checked out the site where the dragon loot was found. Saw a merc company there taking inventory and loading up. Carreg had lots of questions, but seemed to make sense, if I’d found it – I’d make sure I knew what I had and I’d have it checked over so something didn’t bite me, figuratively or literally, later.

After that found something weird. It was a camp with a bunch of guys in black armor. No sigils, no papers, no crests – none of it. They had orcs, goblins, and even ogres in the center of their camp. It looked like some sort of prison camp. Something fishy there. Don’t know who or what they are, but a camp in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of black armored warriors and a bunch of goblins, yeah, not good.

The others were doing the same thing, and checked out our property to the southeast. It was under attack. Ravenhold should be renamed to disaster magnet. A few people died, several hurt, a couple of fires in the fields, the silver oaks were cut down and burned. An orc company marched past the property and towards the city. It was being directed by another guy in the black armor. Weird. Sent a message to the town guards about the orcs coming here to attack. Two messages actually. The first was written in Liahan. They, the orcs, got to the outer city first, and spent several minutes slaughtering everyone and everything they could find until the guards showed up. At that point they were getting slaughtered. Not one orc or goblin ran. Not one.

Then they went looking for other stuff. Looks like the other property was safe. Sending CC, and he’s taking Nyx out there.

After that they stumbled across a bunch of farmers. Meh. But the farmers had some sort of treasure map, and shovels. They dug up some sort of weird idol thingy. So we did what any sane person would do… found some Tynerion knights and blooped them to the location. Took some magic work, but it got them there – right as the farmers summoned the demon thingy from the idol. One of the farmers grew a bunch of catfish like feelers out of his back that hit the knights and sent them flying. They did the only thing sensible – they dropped a building on it. Seriously. The Tynerion nights are a bit stranded down there, and it looks like they’re making their way towards the city we’re in. But they are limited in supplies, so it should take them a couple of extra days, like 5 to 7 instead of the 3 or 4 that it would be walking otherwise.

After that had a visitor. We had Abbadon show up at our door. Neil and Em went to talk to him first. Em came back in the room and grabbed Carreg. The little I gleaned from that conversation was that Abbadon had someone take away some of his abilities or possessed him. He came back to himself in a bar in front of scary sage lady really drunk. He doesn’t want anyone to know, it might weaken his base of followers or some sort. He’s convinced he’s on the path to godhood. He’s a looney. So Neil was sympathetic and took him to the Doctor’s pools. Abbadon sputtered a lot, said he was going to the meeting, and then never showed.

So, the meeting, well ended up that the king spoke, at length. Security of the kingdom, of the city, that the attack today was repelled. Called on people to step up and meet their obligations, and then to give their oath to king and country. Lots of crap in the oath about duty. Sounds pretty severe if you fail your duty. Neil was found mouthing the words, and ended up being called out for it. Neil explained that he couldn’t give his word as being from another kingdom. So steward told him he had “Forbearance” meaning that he has until the end of spring to get King Pyriar to agree to some sort of accommodation about Neil or he loses his position at the head of the council and his lands down here.

Neil was the only one that was caught, but there were a few others that had some unintended consequences. The scary sage lady, and Hinla both used the oath to become nobles. Hinla also snuck in papers that the steward had to sign for Neil to confirm it.

There is something brewing. I just don’t know what just yet.



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