The Sundering

And we're planning on doing WHAT, exactly?

The road to Hell is paved with the best intentions.

Preparations are complete?

Sorsha has provided us with a selection of things that should help:

  • Banishment tokens.
  • Masking tokens
  • A wand to reunite Kerian’s soul and body.

And unrelated, but also in return:

A chest, and backpack with Euraka’s Temporal Pipeline upon it. It’s use is intermittent, but should prove useful.

And in return she was given the necklace that stores magical energy, and the collection of magical foci. We allowed, no we insisted, she use the magical amplifier to improve the effectiveness of the different items. Every little bit might help.

After that we spoke with Azimon – and reached a deal with him and some of his minons to provide safe passage to and from where we think that Kerian is located. Azimon thinks finding Kerian will be easy and we’ll be able to move with impunity, but i’m not as sold on that part currently.

We have about an hour or two, and then we leave to head North. We are going to drop off some stuff we don’t want to lose in Hell, and then meet Azimon at the designated spot, and then go in after him.

This has potential to go wrong on so many levels, and I still need to scream at Neil for boxing out Carreg and I from the discussions with Azimon. What did he promise. Will I need to kill Azimon before he can take delivery of whatever Neil promised him?

As Carreg says…“This should be interesting.”



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