The Sundering

Brainstorming: Ways to Attack an Army of Undead

without getting ourselves killed immediately

These notes will need refined, this is just getting a few ideas on paper before they are forgotten.

The problem: There is a horde of undead heading toward the Necropolis, possibly led by an avatar of Ammalus. Nearby, there are large numbers of dead Orcs and Goblins that we really don’t want added to her army.


1.) Destroy the current army
2.) Prevent them from entering (or leaving) the Necropolis
3.) Prevent the addition of dead Orc & Goblin armies
4.) Don’t get caught (or killed)
– Blame someone else (Pyrin would be a good choice.)
– Redirect to Aerish lands instead of Liaha.


To cast blame:

- Use or plant an artifact of Pyrin (Might need to acquire or forge (Mask) first)
- Portal back to on top of/below/near a temple of Pryin
- Actually get a demon of Pyrin involved? (No idea how, yet.) - wait, wasn’t there a demon book of Pyrin somewhere?
- Possible use of Glamour/Mask – The best chance of this working would be if we could somehow make it what they expect to see, so they don’t bother trying to look deeper.

- Who else could we redirect to?
– Harkin: This is possible, but since he is currently in Liaha might backfire
– Takedans: We should figure out where the Takedans that left Realterre (and any of their Iron Warriors) ended up
– Other ideas?

Decimate the current horde:

- Get them to walk into some sort of ambush
– ???
– Fire?
– Walk under many force walls/floating tables that are holding up loads of Napalm, dispell, then set on fire
– It would be very difficult to cover the needed area for long enough
– Get them to walk through a field of fireweed (we do have at least a few seeds after all)

- Mechanical/Magical merging – Still working on: (Getting into place for deployment could be tricky -Turtles?)
– Use fountain-drain bowl set/water engine/alt world steam engine to pump oil from a larger on the inside container over the horde like a firehose → Then combustion.
– Similarly, use animation to power a spinning mechanical flinger for the gel, then set afire
– Mechanical timer switches to open shuttered sun-stones? (Are there any that actually cause damage, or just discomfort)

Prevent the raising of an army from under a mountain:

Step 1:
– Find the large concentrations of bodies

Possible Steps 2:
- Get there first & destroy the bodies
– ??? – If they weren’t already crushed beyond saving by a mountain, I’m not sure what we can do
– Summon some sort of Elemental to destroy?

- Get there first & use the sword to raise them ourselves (then hopefully set them to rest)
– Any plan that involves us using a demon sword seems like a bad plan, but I’m willing to hear arguments
– This has the added benefit/drawback of drawing attention to the existence of the sword

- Mass Last Rites before she gets there
– This really isn’t Forge’s domain, so it would need to be done by someone else
– Figure out which gods would be good at a laying a battlefield to rest & get them to go along with this
– I still think Gorag might be best to do this, so that Ammalus and Gorag are fighting each other
– Would the seed things given by Viska be enough to reclaim them for her? Is there natural magic that could help?


Neil’s view:

Unusual for me i know but, for a change i don’t care if the enemy blames me. The whole curse mark deal ya know? I am all for drawing other people into the battle though. Forcibly if necessary.
- Takadens in Leigha
- Takadens in the South
- Gorag (do we know where they went with that axe?)
- Pyrin (fine with gating to a temple to draw them into the fight)
- Asmy? – Him and his demon body guard might come in handy.

Anything to keep them out of Leigha if possible.

I like the idea of seeding the ground surrounding the city in fire weed with the help of the nature wand. “Ring of Fire” :)

Is Bastel pissed enough at his brother for him to consecrate the dead?
Tynerian I’m sure would help too. Sigh. I’m just not going to be the one who talks to them.

Just a few thoughts.


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