The Sundering

Carreg's Personal Journal

An Incomplete List of Things to Investigate or Events in which to Intercede

So, do I offer Azmi condolences or congratulations on his new relationship? And are we hoping he is local, or that he is on the other side of the continent?

Anyway, I figure that with the approach of the new year and the hordes of goblins and undead, I should start organizing a list of concerns that should either be investigated or acted upon. With events speeding up, it may be important to address these issues before they return to bite us after we neglect them for too long. [And what does it say about our life choices that the previous sentence might be literal?]

The List

Demon Caravan: Should we intercede? –
Knights of Tynerion are taking something apparently valuable along a road plagued by “dragon” attacks. 

“Dragon” attacks
Attacks byt three “dragons” follow patterns illustrated on an expensive map. (I’d like to recoup the information cost if nothing else, thought she may have resold that information since we haven’t acted in a timely manner.) Still, even with the mapped pattern, the geographical area to cover to determine the base of operations is extensive and difficult to canvass by a group as distinctive as ours.
*This is potentially an opportunity for profit, but until I come up with a better plan than wandering aimlessly up and down a road waiting to be attacked , it will be difficult to convince the others to help satisfy my curiosity as to what these “dragons” actually are and what motivates their (possible) backers.
*The goods they stole might also provide armament against undead hoards.
*How exactly do these creatures tie in with our mysterious spy at the Inn?
*Where is the basement where she found the map, and what else is there?

Books found with Dux –
(Given past experience, these should be looked at in a safe environment, with backup on hand to intervene if the reader starts speaking aloud or otherwise behaving out of character.)
# 1. Blue book – sparkly leather, slight metallic smell, silver edges – design on the front (Title on front cover – The aftermath, on Demons)
# 2. Book – has mechanical flap, plain brown leather, deceptively light – heavy enchantment magic – (Didn’t open immediately) 
# 3. Red leather brown book, spine cracking, well used, magical – pictures of what look to be a young boy and girl running around the spine – (Title: “blah’s” Tales for Children)
# 4. plain leather, brown, titled “The bard, thief of the Gods”
# 5. “On future history” : Less magical than others
# 6. “The World” – Magical, larger book, picture of flatted circle – sketch in gold leaf on the front – (Atlasy looking) – Binding has mismatched ends – oversized where the book would curve
# 7. Magic book – black leather – edges of pages are black
# 8. Book containing lockpicks with markings I’ve never seen before (and might not even be language) three different sets

The Men In Black
They are dealing with goblins (dealing harshly, but still, not killing them on sight)
* Killed primary sources regarding man in black leading goblins and orcs – two were killed subtly (6 month ago, and 2 month ago) then multiple others that were not subtle, killed more recently. One killed was a merchant, one was a weapons merchant who had gotten hands on something unusual, a wood engraver
* Possible ties to the King’s Black Guard
* Which has possible ties to the King’s unknown daughter by a red haired, pointy eared foreign princess who vaguely matched the description of a Valorian princess from tales. (At least, that is that tale according to a bard chosen at random, and thus not regarded as a reliable source)
* Note: “Valorian” girl in town has red hair, while her brother has green

It now likely regards us as a threat, but might get itself killed or drafted if Azmi happens to be in the area
* Whatever happened to the group hunting a Vampire? If still alive, they might have information
* Last seen in (Bas Borgi? need to confirm) [Elf, Nivolk, Human, looking for the Vampyr – Elf follows Viska. They  signed up 2 Nivolk, looking for other people]
*It might be a good idea to be proactive about this so we aren’t dealing with it at the worst possible time

Aluminium –
I should investigate the use of the extremely expensive metal in fighting demons. Tynerion considers the information on the application of the metal to weapons either proprietary, or entwined with a blessing to Tynerion, but the King’s blacksmith has centuries of family tradition that might hold an answer regarding how to efficiently use this metal.

Guild Affairs -
The head of one of the thieve’s guild’s in town was executed for trying to break into the black tower.
*IF he was actually trying to break in, what made him so desperate as to attempt that personally?
*If not, what did he do to draw notice that would result in his death
*Why the head of this guild and not that of any of the others? 
*Have any of the other guilds been impacted? I’m not sure what contacts to use to find out in Realterre.

> Ammalus’s Sword 
“Sword" may be metaphorical, and refers to any weapon that can be or use to Ammalus for the controlling of undead
See Journal Volume 72 pg 25 for the list of reasons we have to believe such an item exists and that Ammalus is active enough in the world to be seeking such items out.
For potential specific location, look into the following
The temple of Forge archives has a sword marked with skulls if the head librarian can be convinced Ammalus is an imminent threat (she quite logically doesn’t seem as well informed as the Demon Archivist of Forge who was the previous head librarian.)
Various old graveyards in the city (See list in Volume 68 pg 42)
Pay close attention to statuary in the city, including that above eye level and adorning buildings since the heroes of the town watch over the people

> Allegations against the lord of Gatta Conti, Lord Siel, as brought by the arena fighter Gil (Geel?, sp?)
Allegations have been partially substantiated by questioning sources about Siel and finding similar reports of his character, potentially corroborating loopholes in council law propositions, and in Gil’s reputation with a random Kitra on the street. A visit to the town in person might provide further insight, or at least an iterating chain of events since Bast has sent Kitra to Gatta Conti to “keep an eye on things”.

> Acaccio 
There have been so many tales about this town that I would like to see it in person just to assuage my curiosity and in the hopes that the chaos we seem to travel amidst might change the town for the better.
It is interesting to note that supposedly Acaccio was the town where magic first reappeared in the South.
Abbadon’s home town

> The Cat and Dwarf of Tynerion are seeking the Ringbearer
What ring? We should eliminate the possibility that they are seeking either Rivan or the local king (based on the list of titles that require further elucidation, including that he is “The continual seeker of the ring").

> Ping to the south of Stonehold, heard by Dwarf of Tynerion but not others about 4 weeks before they gated South (exactly how long after Scout?)
I do not recall hearing this ping in either timeline
This might have to do with the Dwarven city that once stood along the walls
Could Scout’s flight over the city have triggered something?

> Items the White Witch wants us to get any one of in exchange for sacrificing the box of drawers. (I guess Pyrin and his bride don’t like sacrifices as much when they are the ones inconvenienced?) The assumption is that these are artifacts of Pyrin, but that might be pure conjecture based on context and further investigation is warranted.
On the map WW gives Riven that has a command word that can be used another dozen times
scroll over Stonehold
Pyrrin looking box in middle of Kiitra plains
a black crown – Dowskill’s crown - 
the harper’s bow – (has more than usual number of strings)
(three more – none of the seven are in RealTerre)

> Demonic presence under the city
How bad is it that there are no longer 4 fish pools and the pools for mammals and vegetables no longer exist?
Are there pools of skeleton fish in this reality? (Need to confirm and check notes, the overlap and the resultant confusion warrant increased caution when relying on memory

> Locations of the Great Libraries other than Nix’s
Elven, Dwarvish, Nivolk

> Necropolis – Should we be attempting to trigger an attack on this city (preferably by someone other than us) before the things inside can leave?
In (mid Sept?) there was some noise to the east (magical – we don’t quite know what it was, but unsubstantiated information claims that Dowskill found a gate. He had to get to the gate, then activate the gate and what we heard the activation – right now, things can enter, but not leave
Dowskill’s agents are attempting to release the spells to let them out
Hopefully this isn’t tied to slave caravans that disappear to the east

> Do dragon’s shed & do dragonscale objects repel flames?

> The “Night Walker”
Wizard found at the temple of Forge claims to be a “consultant” – his name has been largely forgotten and he wishes it to remain so. He can be called the “Night Walker”.


Apologies, formatting is obnoxious. I’ll try to fix later for readability.

Carreg's Personal Journal

And now the following afternoon we’ve got visitors.

Dux found us. Wonder what THAT is about?

And thief guy that found Neil. Yeah – the same guy we robbed waaaay up north. He’s got some info, and wants to trade that to be trained by “the master” who took him for almost all he was worth.

Is it time to go home yet?

Carreg's Personal Journal

While there is lots of stuff that we could and maybe should look into… I think we are out of time. My opinion…tomorrow night at the festival is when it will begin. I might be wrong, but I don’t think so. Should I wear a mask?

There is too much going on that we don’t know about. What is the king doing? And why? Why lie to me about where the troops are and what his intelligence says. Unless he is being lied to? I don’t know. I think I have quit caring. If there is going to be a fight, let’s fight.

I’ll just have lustful thoughts about Azmi in case the vampyr cuts into my thoughts and maybe train this noble a bit. See what he knows, see what he doesn’t. He probably won’t get much training in before we get attacked anyway.

Need to get those knights of Tynerian home though. They need to take the fortress back to help people at home get food. Or maybe I can borrow that table and give it to a temple up north. Hmmm….need to think on that.

Carreg's Personal Journal

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