The Sundering

Life of Neil

probably another bad idea

ok. i need neutral ground. i want to facilitate a meeting between a cleric of tynerian and a cleric of artemir. Hopefully there is one in town. i need their help. i think this will work anyway.
i want the two groups to work together to help this town and me. the idea is that they help me get the cloak of pyrin that the cleric of bestelle is wearing and open another compartment in this box. once the box is open, i will turn over to them control of the warehouse/tree or whatever that has the food supplies. they are to give any seed corn to the peasant farmers to start a crop first thing in the spring. in exchange they will primarily sell it to the guild. the tynerian people will help the farmers keep the nobility and the foreign powers away from the crops so that they don’t gain control of the area.
tynerian can use their contacts with the nobility to help the guild set up the vallorean and the arleans to fight each other with the help of the coin.
once that is done, i want to go through a “door” back to leigha. i set out to help my people. i need to use the sword to unlock the box in either strata or brokensword. i have helped out some of the worst here in the six cities, now it is time to help out at home.
once that is done, if there is still some items left we can cause some chaos in vallor :).



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