The Sundering

Life of Neil - VI

litch meets death

Well, we found a tower of the undead. Fire is most definitely our friend.

Oh, but first…MOLLY DISAPPEARED! She just vanished when she went to walk into the tower. We went inside and she wasn’t there.

We did find a vampire, skeletons, and a demon, Oh My. We went through the tower looting and fighting as we went. It was great fun really. Then we found the guy who lived in the tower. The dwarf said he was a litch.

He looked at us and didn’t want to waste his time fighting us himself, so he decided to summon Death. So Death pops up next to me, looks around our group, and lingers over the kid. Then the damnedest thing happened…he grabs and kills the litch.

Evidently Death doesn’t take kindly to “people” who cheat him.



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