The Sundering

Never cut a deal with a dragon... again


And the time of the return is upon us.

We returned to Stonehold to speak with Acyth with the bow he wished to claim. Only he wasn’t expecting the bow to be held by the archer who once wielded it. He didn’t expect Bridgit to be alive.

She negotiated with him for some time, and I think she might have gotten the better of him, though that is something I’m thinking that may take years to truly figure out. She should have time – she’s an elf.

The important stuff though – she (Brigit) is going to Strata to find Galena. I have a bad feeling about it, but what do I know – I’m a simple kitra warrior. She managed to trade that bow of hers and a few other items for plenty of things – some of which she threw our way – she got some new weapons and armor, money and a few trinkets. Anything more is hers to tell – not mine.

We ended up getting the following:

  • A hammer
  • Black chainmail
  • Fill in other stuff!!!

Acyth mentioned that some of the things that the White Witch may be looking for might, just maybe, put Neil’s sis in danger. Carreg got some book about a crown and something about it intergrating, and people from the Aerish lands have started to show up and are looking to hire people to do things for them. Acyth sent some of them up into Morlan hinting they were sent to a different dragon, and others were sent to a guy named Kaiser who- I think- (thanks Neil) is a dragon over in Panthas.

We decided to go the other way and take a look at the Southern Wall. Supposedly there is supposed to be a thing along it and Carreg wants to check it out. Can’t be too much worse than the last two cities we discovered. The first had a bunch of elves hiding from a dragon, and the second was a full fledged city hiding in the woods – that one had elves, humans, dwarves, and more, but no kitra. I think we should let someone know, before it comes out that was us… but again, I am but a simple kitra warrior….

We’ve got a couple of weeks to check things out, and then we’re supposed to head north to Valor to attend a royal wedding up there where Neil is supposed to be jousting.



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