The Sundering

The Demon you know...

Damned if you do….

I know Careg and Emily won’t be happy with my decision, but they wouldn’t have been happy either way.

After we get back with Kerian, I will give Asimon the sword of the undead. It gets it out of our hands and now that my pact with Viska is done, it is best to get it out of my hands.

The other option was to steal a gate from the Temple of Tynerion in Deepspring. They weren’t going to like that either. I could do it, but I wouldn’t have been as ruthless as I might need to be in order to get it out if they came with me. And I doubt that they would let me do that mission on my own. That, and if caught I really don’t want to become another Saint Aldin. shudder

So, the plan….

Go to Temple of Bast cringe and get info/help on how to locate Kerian.

Portal into Greenbank. Drop off our stuff with the Lady of Ravens and copy the necklace that will get us through the gate in her basement. Maybe go through gate long enough to put a locator item to find gate while inside and head back through.

Meet with Asimon a half days ride outside the last village outside of Tridrake on the way to Deepspring. Here, Asimon will get us to the right plane and we will go get Kerian. Then we will reattach his soul to his body. Once we have him, Asimon will get us home. Failing that, we will use the banishing marbles from Sorsha. If that fails we will try to either get out the gate in Greenbank or the gate in Deepspring. Failing that we will use the sword of undead to rip a hole back. Failing that…we pray. Maybe find a way to get to Axial.

Reason for Asimon, great distraction, knowledge of the planes, good fighter.




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