The Sundering

We've made a mistake

What happened to Kerian

The city of the undead is nothing more than a memory. Where the city once stood there is only a crater. The only evidence that there was a city here are the vestigial buildings that stood outside the former city walls.

Inside there was something bad, something evil. Something did need to be done about it, but not by just four of us, probably now three.

I owed him a debt, him and Carreg both. If we find him alive, I’m gonna kill that cat!

They realize how bad things could have been, and that something needed to be done, but I don’t think they know – things like that could fester on the landscape and become extremely difficult to unroot, but still… was it worth the cost? Couldn’t we have rounded up the others? CC, Gato, Galena, Harken and more?

I don’t want to be callous, but the people who were inside, they were already lost – and my tears for them would have been sparse.

Inside it wasn’t as bad as I feared. The city was a hunter’s trap – allowing game to enter but not to leave. It had collected undead, lots of undead, but what was the threat? While we were inside we traveled from one shell of a building to another, and we fought a few things – but there was (surprisingly) food and water, and the odds didn’t seem insurmountable. There was little of true value left – we picked through scraps that were left behind or forgotten as those who lived in the city fell.

Could it have been walled off? Warded?

Tonight I feel old, older than any of them can imagine, and I feel so alone – he, no Kerian, was the first, but it’ll be their fates too…



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