Annosera Deleci (Countess of Ravens) (The Raven's Wings)

The Lady Annosera Deleci is the elder sister of Kalais - The Lady of Ravens


She stands 5’7" tall with dark brown hair and an average frame. She is about 24 years old, smart, and more than a little protective of her “little” sister.

The Lady Annosera was expected to take the crown, and was groomed for it for many years before their mother’s passing, but at the ceremony the crown rejected her and settled upon her sister instead.

She has since been responsible for the security of the city, and has traveled widely in support of the city of Greenbank. She travels since her sister cannot.

She was known as being a slightly cool, and very calculating child. Even when forbidden something, it would find its way to her, seemingly without any involvement from her. There are a few who knew her as a child that smiled often, and would wrap her arms around nearly any dignitary that came to court – those days ended abruptly when her father died. She was old enough to know and comprehend what had happened, and she still holds something from those days close to herself, and it lets few get close to her.

Even at that young age she immediately became involved in the security affairs of the city, and has been a vigilant protector of the city, and those she loves.

There were those inside, and outside, Greenbank that feared her rejection by the crown would lead to her plotting against her sister, but in the three years since that day has passed she seems if anything more devoted and motherly than ever.

She is the leader of the Black Guards, known as the Raven’s Wing, a group of experienced Greenbank rangers who answer to only a select few.


Annosera Deleci (Countess of Ravens) (The Raven's Wings)

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