Leader of the Large Dwarves in Parthas


Donnan is the leader of the Large Dwarves an adventuring company in Parthas.

He is fair skinned with brown hair, and has a birthmark in the shape of a cat’s paw on the back of his neck. The joke is the mark is Bast’s mark.

He is comfortable around Kitra, and he is often seen near one of them. He is agile,, lucky and pretty quick witted.

Donnan favors chainmail, metal claws, and shortbows as primary weapons. He is also trained in larger weapons like the crossbow and bastard sword, but to a lesser degree.

Of the twins, Donnan is slightly smarter, and Donnar is slightly wiser of the two.

They lead something between an adventuring company and a mercenary company, but far closer to the former instead of the latter. They have a headquarters with an ever changing group of people passing through.

The headquarters is an old inn converted to a training area. The inn portion has now a pole type barn directly attached to the back, and the bar has been expanded so that it reaches the front, and the back of the inn.


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