Fien Tridegen

Son of Savan Tridegen


Fien is Savan Tridegen’s son. 30 years old and broad of shoulder, but not appearing muscular. He has reddish brown hair, a sharp nose, and a sharper mind. His hair is normally kept short or slicked back. Clean shaven.

Fien was one of the prominent nobility based out of Verden. He lived a life of idle luxury, resting on his name, but over the past year as his father fell ill started to get his act together.

He was a contender for the throne, but his gift of several elves to Savan backfired spectacularly. He presented an Elvin maiden and several warrior Elves in a cage to Savan during a ball. They were ordered released immediately, and his hopes were dashed.

Fien Tridegen

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