A Rogue Justicar now based in Stonehold


Nolek was a Justicar. One of the traveling judges in the King’s service.

He saw far too many people profit from the spoils of others, and that the laws would favor the undeserving. He also saw the amount of coin that he earned, verses what he could be earning.

He toiled in his duties for years, and occasionally looked the other way, and chronicled everything down in his journals.

Then he pardoned a murderer in Gateway.

And he was on the run. He now is trying to use his contacts and money he has saved over the yeas to set up in Stonehold to create his own guild. There is a bounty on him, and on his journals.

The local thieves guild isn’t too keen on this idea. Those that support Nolek have taken to wearing green, and those opposed have taken to wearing purple.


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