Savan Tridegen

Old King & Absolute Ruler of the realm.


King and absolute ruler of the realm. He is an anomaly in these times, as he was an only child. Something he made sure not to repeat. He didn’t trust his good fortune to be passed down, he sired as many children as he could. Most on purpose, but not always. He is known to be a man who has several mistresses, and many bastards floating around the kingdom.

He has not been seen in months in the kingdom. Some think him ill, some think him dying, some think him dead.

He has ruled for over 60 years in the kingdom, making life well, boring.

Boring is prosperous. Not everyone likes the king, as he is an arsehole, but people do respect him. He has led many wars outside the kingdom during his rule and has rebuffed Morlan time and time again, plundering their borders, and making sure they leave his lands alone.

His quests netted several gains for the kingdom, but there were always whispers that the attacks to the north were a cover for a search for something else.

Savan Tridegen

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