Taban Sgabard

Merchant Noble Son of Brokensword


Taban is the first son of the Sgabard family. He took a successful business and made it immensely profitable. It is because of his (and his father’s) dealings that the family has been able to afford the price of admission into the nobility.

His home of Brokensword has seen an increase of trade over the past few years, and thanks to his (and his father’s) dealings they were prepared to profit from it.

He has a crooked nose that runs in the family. He shares it with dad and with Camryn and Declan.

He has 3 Brothers, and 1 Sister.

Camryn (Brother)
Declan (Brother)
Rivan (Brother) but by a different father?
Teagan (Sister) but by a different father?

Taban Sgabard

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