Teaghan Sgabard

Youngest (Daughter) Bard of noble house Sgabard


Teaghan Sgabard is short standing just 5’1" with dark blond hair and thin. She is quite attractive, but not a supermodel.

She is the youngest of the Sgabard family and takes quite a bit after her mother’s side. She doesn’t have the nose that inflicts most of the men in her family.

She was always getting in trouble at home, and spent quite a lot of time in the Temple of Mellus that is in Brokensword. She found her calling as a Bard during that time.

Her father had hoped she would find a husband that would take her off of his hands, leaving one less mouth to provide for.

While spending time in town, she found that her father wasn’t really a Scabbard, but rather Ormr. Who was the same person who had taught her brother Rivan.

While she was training to be a Bard, her training was supplemented by her ‘real’ father. And during this time her brother purchased a proclamation of nobility. She finished her training and moved to the capital, Strata.

She has since reunited with Rivan and talked to him about his past, and his present.

She is now a lady in waiting to a smaller noble house, house Ashir, and is friends with Galena Valus in Strata.

Teaghan Sgabard

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