The Sundering

Life of Neil
probably another bad idea

ok. i need neutral ground. i want to facilitate a meeting between a cleric of tynerian and a cleric of artemir. Hopefully there is one in town. i need their help. i think this will work anyway.
i want the two groups to work together to help this town and me. the idea is that they help me get the cloak of pyrin that the cleric of bestelle is wearing and open another compartment in this box. once the box is open, i will turn over to them control of the warehouse/tree or whatever that has the food supplies. they are to give any seed corn to the peasant farmers to start a crop first thing in the spring. in exchange they will primarily sell it to the guild. the tynerian people will help the farmers keep the nobility and the foreign powers away from the crops so that they don’t gain control of the area.
tynerian can use their contacts with the nobility to help the guild set up the vallorean and the arleans to fight each other with the help of the coin.
once that is done, i want to go through a “door” back to leigha. i set out to help my people. i need to use the sword to unlock the box in either strata or brokensword. i have helped out some of the worst here in the six cities, now it is time to help out at home.
once that is done, if there is still some items left we can cause some chaos in vallor :).

Life of Neil - VI
litch meets death

Well, we found a tower of the undead. Fire is most definitely our friend.

Oh, but first…MOLLY DISAPPEARED! She just vanished when she went to walk into the tower. We went inside and she wasn’t there.

We did find a vampire, skeletons, and a demon, Oh My. We went through the tower looting and fighting as we went. It was great fun really. Then we found the guy who lived in the tower. The dwarf said he was a litch.

He looked at us and didn’t want to waste his time fighting us himself, so he decided to summon Death. So Death pops up next to me, looks around our group, and lingers over the kid. Then the damnedest thing happened…he grabs and kills the litch.

Evidently Death doesn’t take kindly to “people” who cheat him.

Life of Neil - V

Why me?

Today I come back from breakfast, and there is this kid in my room. Only I recognize this kid. It is one of the king’s sons. WTF. How did he end up in MY room, in the six cities?

He tells this story of his hunting party being attacked outside of Strata and then the next thing he knows he is waking up in my bed. He has lost a month of time, but he seems ok otherwise. Then we see his necklace change. it originally had 3 pearl like gems hanging from it. As we watch, one of them crumbles and the necklace reforms with the remaining two.

The prince goes on to relate the story of how he got the necklace. Basically he was some old lady’s knight in shining armor, literally, and saves her from a bear attack. She gives him the necklace and tell him it will keep him safe. Giving him a second chance on life is great and all, but why is he in my bed?

Life of Neil? - IV

Ok, I think I figured out why the gods may not like me very much.

Yesterday I went to the Temple of Forge/Tynerion, stole a journal of the Traveler and may have blamed the Temple of Artemir for it. Oops.

Now that isn’t what I had planned on doing, it just sorta happened. You see I had this Tynerian knight in training helping me out in the library researching demons. It was really kind of amusing. You see Emily cast a spell on me so that I could talk and understand the local language, but I still couldn’t read it. Therefore the poor kid had to do my reading and summarize things for me. Oh you should have seen his face when I told him he needed to read it for me. HILARIOUS.

Anyway, the modern information didn’t seem quite right so I told him to find me some OLD sources. He comes back with this book of Tynerian that finally seems to have some good info. Anyway as we go along he starts to assume that I am a priest of Artemir. I try to tell him otherwise, but everything I do seems to convince him otherwise. He makes this comment about Artemir always lies and I had to open my big mouth and say, “No, Artemir brings the truth. The Traveler is the one who lies.” So, he disappears and comes back with this journal sized book about the Traveler. I grab ahold to glance at it and the words inside start moving and reforming into my native language. Oh Crap!

Anyway, one thing led to another, the kid went to get the head cleric to tell him about what the book was doing and I bolted. With the book.

“Why take the book?” you ask. Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, I really did want to look at it, especially after what happened at dinner last night. That is another story, which I will not be telling you until I am well and truly inebriated. Secondly, I did NOT want to be answering a whole bunch of questions. Most of which I probably won’t know the answer to. Also, what if Emily’s spell ended while they were talking to me, I don’t know how to explain that in any language. Then there is the fact that Forge won’t let you borrow books and I have a feeling this book would lose a lot if transcribed. Especially if I had them translate it as well.

Also, I panicked. There are you happy? I said it.

I have decided a few things too. One, I am never leaving my staff behind ever again. While I seemed to get away OK this time, I can’t guarantee that I wasn’t followed. I would feel better if I would’ve had my staff with me when I was running away. Two, I am changing my hair again. Three, screw the scimitars. I am going back to my sabre. If my neck is on the line I want to use the weapon I am better with. Four, I am not leaving my room until it is time to go. Not going to happen.

Maybe I should just forget about becoming Liam, and just embrace my inner Neil. I think I will feel better if I do.

My companions should know better by now than to let me run amok in a city by myself.

Life of Ne...ah...Riv...ah...Liam. Yeah, Liam that’s it - III

So….once again people want me dead. What god did I anger to have this many people want me dead?

You see there is a new King in Liaha, Tanent. And well, I am pretty sure that he was one of the heads of the Thieves’ Guild in Strata. I never saw his face, but I recognize the voice. The day after he got the throne, my name was on the list of people that needed to be gathered up by the city guards. Needless to say I decided it was time to leave town. Hell, I’m leaving the kingdom until things cool down a little.

I left a note for Ormyr in one of the backpacks in the Traveling God’s shrines. Not sure if it will actually get to him or not, but I wasn’t sure how else to send him word without it putting someone on our track. It basically just said that I was OK and that he should maybe check on T.

So anyway, we trek through the woods to Tridrake shudder and I have a new name for the new place. Liam. Nice strong name. I like it. I’ll have to work on Liam’s personality. I think I’m going to go for being the strong, silent type. That is a lot easier to pull off since I don’t speak the damn language! I’m going to learn a new weapon while I am at it as well.

With all of these people trying to kill me, I thought maybe I should get into the good graces of a couple gods. I have been leaving things at the Traveling God shrines and even started a new one. Then I donated an elvish flute to the Temple of Melus here in Tridrake. They were ecstatic with it and invited me to dinner and offered to give me some language lessons for free. Now we are getting somewhere. The gods are finally on my side.

I walk into the dinner and out of nowhere I hear “Rivan!” Ah, crap. A priestess. From my hometown. Who knows my REAL name.

I ask again, which god did I anger?

Life of Neil - II

And the “I want Neil dead” fanclub continues on.

Alis has managed to get back into the Thieves’ guild and now I am basically banned from Hilltop upon pain of death. Great.

I think that the red eyed skeleton is dead though. I’m not positive, but I took something out. Keep your fingers crossed.

Galena, who by the way is a DRAGON, informs me that the King’s Steward is looking for someone to kill me. Great. I was hoping that he forgot about me.

Life of Neil

What is up with everyone trying to kill me nowadays. Just six months ago no one knew who I was. Now I can’t seem to step outside without someone trying to seperate my head from my body.

In Strata, I was hunted by the Captain of the Guards at the bequest of the King’s Steward. All for delivering a package. I thought you weren’t supposed to kill the messanger? I understand the steward was upset when the box burned him, but that isn’t my fault. With the captain of the guard now dead maybe I’ll be ok? Maybe? I guess I’ll find out soon.

Then I have Alis trying to kill me so that she can get back into the thieve’s guild. Thankfully I dyed my hair platinum blond and wore different clothes to that party. I should have just dealt with her right away instead of letting her go. I’m starting to understand why Rauker kills all the loose ends. Maybe I should take a lesson from him?

Then I have this stupid red eyed guardian skeleton chasing me around handing out my description. I really need to take care of him. Hopefully he will be dead again soon. With my now dyed hair maybe I can ambush him.

Then there is Rauker doing who knows what and giving them my name. Who knows who he has pissed off and that are now looking for me.


A Random Encounter Part V

As we pick up with our intrepid adventurers again they have left the capital and are making a few last trips before settling down for the winter.

Our group has split up and some are returning to the city of Hilltop to recover a stolen necklace.

After a slight misunderstanding with the carriage master and something about skeletons right outside of the capital the group again starts out. The travel is chilly, and this time boring as the landscape slides past as they sit in their carriage.

Arriving into Hilltop they’ve gone ahead and secured lodging and begin to scout the city and their target.

A couple of days are spent finding out about a Lady Tisa who had stolen a necklace from our adventurers’ employer. She’s looking to move the necklace with a fence and so far has been unable to do so, she has also had difficulty of resuming her position in the local thieves guild.

A meeting is prepped for, arranged, and at an after dinner meeting in the Dew Drop Inn Lady Tisa and Neil meet for the first time.

Neil places a small box filled with coin on the table. Playing the role of fence to keep Lady Tisa from suspecting anything amiss is going on. Lady Tisa places a small chest on the table, unlocks both of the locks and opens the chest towards Neil.

The box is lined with a black velvet, and, um, yeah, empty save for a small note rolled up and tied with a small red ribbon.

Lady Tisa reads the note and starts to break down. The note falls to the floor reading “You are done Anis – L.”

Now boys and girls, the moral of the story could be something along the lines of even the best plans go awry, or nothing ever goes to plan, or some such. But it isn’t. Instead it is this. Even your enemies will have enemies, but it is still bound to frack with YOUR plans.

A Random Encounter Part IV

As we pick up with our intrepid adventurers again they have settled into town and found a place to winter through one of their contacts. The house is being cleaned and prepped for the group as they finish a few tasks before settling in.

Rauker and Neil are set to deliver to a small heavily engraved box to the King’s Steward Tiramyr. The box has designs of one of the old gods, Tynerion all over the box. The box is empty, and only large enough to hold a small book.

After wading through several functionaries, and an inordinate amount of waiting Rauker and Neil are graced with Tiramyr’s presence. He glances at them and the box. Dismisses them out of hand, and orders the box destroyed. Rauker is disappointed at this and picks up the small box, says “Catch!” and tosses it at Tiramyr.

The box glances through Tiramyr’s fingers as they sizzle and blacken from the briefest of touches.

“Get out of here before I have you killed where you stand.” Tiramyr says through clenched teeth.

Rauker and Neil take the advice and promptly leave the waiting area, and head straight toward one of the sages in the city who they were supposed to report Tiramyr’s reaction.

Rauker and Neil are obviously followed the entire way there.

They report their findings and are about to be paid, and then they inform the sage that they were followed.

Um, what?!

The sage packs everything he figures he will need for a life on the run, and offers our intrepid adventurers a doubling of their payment if he safely makes his way to the nearest gate.

The sage, Rauker, and Neil make their way to the gate and payment is provided. Neil and Rauker get their third platinum bar for this delivery.

Neil and Rauker take refuge in a friendly noble’s manor until their followers decide to be elsewhere. The day has been filled with waiting.

Neil makes his way back to his winter home, and Rauker heads back to his inn room. Both are content to lose themselves in the crowds of a big city. The night is uneventful for both, but the morning is a different story.

Neil is greeted to breakfast by the smell of smoke and fire wafting from down the street. A wagon has been lit aflame in the distance, and another at the other end of the street.

Several uninvited guests have decided to pay Neil and his friends a visit. The group is dispatched over the next several minutes, but serious injuries are taken by several of the characters.

The attackers are all wearing similar armor and have very standardized weapons.

One of the attackers stayed back and slunk away as the characters took the upper hand.

Rauker made his way to visit the group later in the day, complaining about having to find a new inn after he was thrown out of his old one where he slaughtered defended himself against several attackers.

Now boys and girls, the moral of the story could be something along the lines of don’t be the messenger, they tend to be killed, or know the what and why of what you are delivering. But it isn’t. Instead it is this. When you are paid 3 platinum bars for a job that normally pays a few silver, the job is more than a simple delivery.

A Random Encounter Part III

As we pick up with our intrepid adventurers again they are provisioning in town and preparing to leave for a festival in the next town.

Cloaks, tents, and other sundries are picked up and prepared, and our dwarf, Carreg is doing a little book shopping. In the shop he finds a book on the local sages, some Kitra children’s tales, and a book that just calls to him. That book is bound in red leather, large and heavy, and has a silver inlay of a skull with horns on the cover.

The book is pretty easy to read, and Carreg is eager to start reading it. Carreg notices while reading the book that the lights seem a little dimmer, and food is just a little blander. He puts the book down to read it someplace a little more quiet, a little more private.

The group hits the road and notices an abundance of traffic as lots of people are leaving to go to the same harvest festival that the characters are interested in attending. Campsites abound on the side of the road as night falls. The characters make camp, and stop for the night. By that campfire light the Carreg pulls out his book and starts to read. The book is compelling, and he rushes through the book. In what feels like just a few moments he is 1/2 through the book. Everything around Carreg seems darker, a bit dulled. He pulls himself away from the book and puts it down.

“Read me, Finish me” he hears as he stuffs the book back into his pack.

During the night he dreams of the book, and of what secrets it may contain.

The next day passes, and the road is a bit quieter, but still abundantly filled with people. The characters make camp again, and Carreg feels compelled to bring out the book and read again. This is a bad idea. Carreg tells his traveling companions that the book has been calling to him. The rest of the group soaks the book in oil, and tosses it into the campfire. This too is a bad idea. The campfire explodes! As the fire explodes it briefly makes the shape of a large man with wings. The characters are showered with rocks, fire and other debris. The book is at the bottom of the fire-pit and undamaged.

Other travelers come over to see what has happened and to see if they can help. The characters blame the dwarf’s cooking on the large fireball, and for the dwarf’s rather singed appearance.

The characters travel onwards and reach the next city the following day, and Carreg is hearing a whisper of “Read me, Finish it, FINISH IT!” as he walks along. The group splits up as Carreg and Neil head towards a sage to find out some information about the book, and Rauker and Kerian look for lodging in the city filled with revelers.

The sage they find can help. He looks at the book, and he has a desire to start reading it too. He shakes it off and tells them that the book must be bound in iron. The dwarf is led to a forge and the work begins. The book is bound in four bands of iron, and each blow of the hammer on the iron is another hammer into the very nature of the dwarf. He feels the pain the book is feeling. The book is screaming through a whispered voice “Noooo! Stop! No!” Carreg completes the forging and the book, even after being put in the forge of a blacksmith has suffered no damage. The cover, now bound with iron, is not even singed. Just caged.

The book quietens. The whispers are still there, but as if heard from a half room away. The whispers change from “Read me!” to “Find him! Look for him.” Carreg has given the key to his chest to Neil, so that he can not get to the book easily.

Neil finds some people he trusts and asks if they may know anyone who might be able to deal with a problem with the book. After a bit of thought, he gets an answer. Asimon. He is to arrive in town the next day. Neil’s friend doesn’t like dealing with the guy, but he can probably deal with it.

“Find him! Look for him!” Carreg is allowed to travel freely through the festivities, and he is searching for someone to take the book. Carreg spends the entirety of the day searching for a proper vessel. That night Carreg’s rest is fitful, disturbed. Images of his companions bodies lying around him dripping with gore, as he sees his reflection smiling, and coated with blood.

Kerian, Carreg, and Neil meet with Asimon in a small private room in the back of an inn the following day. Asimon is a very imposing man. He is over 6’ tall, and muscular. His hair is best described as salt and pepper, and he is wearing all dark colors except for his cloak. His cloak is a very pale grey, and has embroidered a set of black wings completely down the back. The wings can not be described as bird wings, nor bat wings, but simply angry.

“What?” he intones as the characters enter the room.

Carreg speaks “We have this book we need to deal with.”

“Fine. You will do as I say, and ask no questions till I am finished. Close the door and lock it. Give me the key.” It is done as commanded.“Give me a hammer and something to break these bands”. It is done.

With four swift strikes the book is released from its bonds. Carreg hears “Not him! Not HIM! No! nothimnothimnothim nonononono!” Asimon opens the book and starts to read. In a matter of moments he is halfway, then almost finished with the book. The room visibly darkens, and the air feels thick, suffocating. The room darkens to perfect black.

The group blinks away the darkness and sees a large muscular, blackened, winged individual with flames licking the tops of his wings stand there. Their eyes focus and the image has changed. A large man with flaming red hair and orange eyes now stands behind Asimon with his head down.

“Is he, is that?” sputters Carreg.

“Did you not ask to be free of the book?” Replies Asimon. “You are free of it now.” And as Carreg looks at the book, it ages into a pile of dust on the table.

Neil grabs Carreg and Kerian who have moved towards the door. “Thank you, never saw you, goodbye.”, as he rushes the others out of the room.

Carreg and Kerian ask aloud, almost in unison “What did we release on the world?”

What indeed…

Now boys and girls, the moral of the story could be something along the lines of making sure you know what you are requesting, or sometimes the solution is worse than the problem. But it isn’t. Instead it is this. When someone takes care of your demon problem for free, what did you really pay?


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