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  • Dwarves

    One dwarf is just like any other dwarf, right? Completely and utterly wrong. While on first glance dwarves do share a lot of traits, their individuality will surprise most. Dwarves are one of the prominent intelligent species found in the world. …

  • Deck

    Deck is a Dwarven fighter that is Talfor's companion and is prominent in the faith. He is about 4'8" tall, and has a reddish brown beard and hair that is long and braided. He carries a large 2 handed axe.

  • Jorgen

    Jorgen is a smith in the Dwarvish quarter in Strata. Good work, either he or Dagmir are suggested for most work. Jorgen is the leader of a smithy that has several other dwarves working for him. Jorgen says he is better than Dagmir. About 4'2" …

  • Dagmir

    Dagmir is a smith in the dwarvish quarter in Strata. He leads a small smithy. If asked he will say he is better than Jorgen, the only other smith in the quarter worth his salt. About 4'11" with a blondish brown hair and beard.

  • Garrin

    Garrin is a dwarvish adventurer traveling with Stelwulf, Liam, and Ben. Garrin carries an axe and a crossbow, and has plate mail armor. He stands 4'4" tall with a black beard. They are seeking the axe of Gar'rag. The axe was of Orcish origin and …

  • Kaltor

    Who says a dwarf can't have a sense of humor? Kaltor is 4'2" and has a short beard that is golden in color. Kaltor is infamous for not taking life seriously. He is known to ask people, do you know anyone who has gotten out alive? He has a group …

  • Ghim

    Ghim is a dwarvin warrior with grey hair. He favors the axe and carries a pack that seems as nearly as large as himself. He is a capable fighter and while doesn't like to just charge into battle, once committed he will not leave his friends behind.

  • Tanc Stonebreaker

    Tanc is a sage from Tridrake. He stands a hair under 5'. Deep reddish beard and hair. He is a metalsmith in precious metals. He has spent many a year researching old dwarf holds and looking for useful magical items. He has settled in Tridrake and …

  • Rilf Ironarrow

    Rilf Ironarrow. Dwarf. Wizard. Supposedly he had magical abilities at the forge. His metalworking was magical.

  • Zineya (Zin)

    Zineya (Zin) – dwaren, gruff, and someone I want to point at Rauker. Who knows how old he is. Dark beard guy who knows a bunch of weapons, stonework, some cooking, and wants to run one of our places. Neil is thinking of setting him up for our properties …

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