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  • Demi-Elves

    Demi-Elves or Half-Elves were an anomaly of the races. They were the creation of an elvish parent and a human one, or the pairing of two demi-elves. Demi-Elvin traits have proven surprisingly stubborn and have been still found today in the populace. The …

  • Emily

    Emily is also known as Emerald, and Leif. She is stuck in a half elvin form. Green hair, tall, lithe small breasts. Beauty of 23. Fairly playful and funloving. Seems 'young' for a dragon. She enjoys treasure, nature, and swimming. She is …

  • Rakos

    Rakos is a half elvin male. He stands 6'1" tall and appears in his 40's. He has the first streaks of white to appear in his dark brown hair. He has a variety of skills and _may_ become the steward for a property on the southeast of Realtare.

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