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  • Grebas

    Grebas is the steward of Lord Madon in Quiet Vale. He is about 5'4" with an obnoxious comb-over and is rather portly. He is gruff, but very efficient with dealing with house duties.

  • Vess

    Steward Vess is an Aerish man in his early 50's who handles the minutia and day to day activities of life in the Black tower. He is the king's steward and wields some power himself, though without having title, nor without _seeming_ to wield power.

  • Rakos

    Rakos is a half elvin male. He stands 6'1" tall and appears in his 40's. He has the first streaks of white to appear in his dark brown hair. He has a variety of skills and _may_ become the steward for a property on the southeast of Realtare.

  • Enkle

    Enkle is a half elvin lady. She stands 5'4" with brown hair and an Aerish tone to her skin. She has green eyes, and the elvish points to her ears. She and her family ran an inn in Realtare for several years, and later worked for another inn. She …

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