Tag: The Grey Riders


  • Parn

    Parn is a young and eager warrior. He stands 5'11" with flat black hair and a pale complexion. He wears plate mail and wields a bastard sword. He has made a name for himself by rushing into battle and returning victorious. He single-handly avenged …

  • Deedlit

    Deedlit is a Valorian with Green hair and pointy ears. A few people have mistaken her for an elf, but she otherwise looks too human to be something else. (A few travelers and Valorian nobles have passed through Liaha that have confirmed her as a human.) …

  • Ghim

    Ghim is a dwarvin warrior with grey hair. He favors the axe and carries a pack that seems as nearly as large as himself. He is a capable fighter and while doesn't like to just charge into battle, once committed he will not leave his friends behind.

  • Slayn

    Slayn is a sage with light brown hair standing 5'10" tall and a slight frame. He walks with a staff and wears a grey cloak. He is the researcher, herbalist, alchemist of their group and often thinks his way out of a bad situation. While the warriors …

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