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  • And so we left town

    After the meeting we decided to leave town for a bit. _Check on the properties_ and the like. Really we decided to go intercept the Tynerion peoples, because, um well... yeah. So did a bit of looking about with the magic types. Found the Tynerion …

  • Stonebridge

    Stonebridge is the fabled bridge the spans the river. The bridge is ancient, while the settlements on either side of the bridge are not. The bridge is made of perfect paving stones. Dark grey in color, cool to the touch, yet never freezing. The bridge …

  • Jyrin

    Jyrin is in his mid 40's thin with grey hair. He is devout in his faith and is either a priest or paladin of Tynerion. He tends to the grounds of the temple of Tynerion in Strata on the West side of the city.

  • Attas

    Attas is the head cleric of the temple of Tynerion in Deepspring. He answers to the Lord of the town who is also a cleric of Tynerion. He is in his 50’s and has white hair, and a close trimmed beard. He is fit, and adept with numerous weapons. He …

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