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  • Gato

    Gato is a wizard of legend. Several spells are named after him. He had (has?) a facilitation with cats. His eyes are different colors. Brown hair and average build. He has a mustache that is thin, but wide. Wore a "Calico" cloak that was mostly …

  • Achyth

    Achyth (Ak-ith) is an older gentleman in his 50's and wearing reading glasses and wearing a tidy white beard. Of average weight. He is a sage and a bit forgetful. Several people think him senile, but he has moments of outstanding clarity. An effect of …

  • Rilf Ironarrow

    Rilf Ironarrow. Dwarf. Wizard. Supposedly he had magical abilities at the forge. His metalworking was magical.

  • Iren

    Iren is a woman in her mid-40's. She has blond hair and looks a few years younger than her years imply. She is 5'3" tall, and of normal build. She has long worked under a patron and after Acyth's passing stepped forward to lead the guild. She is …

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