Ariel Dales

The Ariel Dales are the woods on the western side of Liaha.

The woods border from the mountains to the northern border of Liaha.

It is said that old roads, run through the woods, and that Elves used to live in the forest. Nivolk are still known to live in the woods from the center of the kingdom northward.

The woods are ancient and vary in thickness, between fires, disease, and even some harvesting the woods can vary between new growth and old growth areas. Typically the further into the forest the older the trees become, and the more likely one is to find old ruins.

Even at the edges the woods are not diminishing greatly, as wood is harvested, and trees replanted to make sure of a consistent (and monster free) wood source. These wood farms are typically private and noble owned, and serve as hunting grounds, or rarely even as a park. Surprisingly some of the largest farms are found in Hirus and Grunenwald under the ownership of a Dwarvin noble house.

Ariel Dales

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