Brokensword is a city in central/southern Liaha. It is a town known for its fruits and drinks. Cherries, Apples, and Pears are all grown in the area and ciders, meads, and many other juices are made from these.

Brokensword is on the road north from Stonehold to the capital, Strata, and benefits from the traffic and trade that runs through the town.


Brokensword was led by a noble family before its inclusion into the Kingdom years back. That noble family wanted to stay independent. The poor noble had an accident and died after he fell on his knife 47 times.

Since then there have been a few nobles that have led the city. Lady Asta is the noble that currently leads the city. She has been grooming her nephew to lead the city in later years, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Geography and layout

The city is built on a series of seven small hills, with a central hill, and 6 equidistant hills that surround it.

The city has developed over time and follows a similar pattern to many other cities in Liaha, it has multiple walls that protect the city forming rings that lead inward. Unlike other cities, Brokensword has not faced a serious threat in a very long time, and several of the inner walls have become porous, with gaps becoming roads, and even shops filling what used to be a solid and defensible inner wall.

The exception to the lackluster inner fortifications are the outer wall and the Lady’s keep which are both kept up to the best standards, and heavily defended.

Temples and Districts

The city has temples to several gods, though some hunting will be required to find some of them.

The Temple of Forge is a small building in town. The temple is not as small as the temple in Hilltop, it is still very modest.

The Temple of Mellus is the largest temple in town, and the Temple is the largest temple to Mellus in the Kingdom. It is the host to an annual festival of Mellus that celebrates performance, art, and has been merged into a harvest festival all together.

There are a few smaller temples and buildings devoted to Mellus in town. The building has a large open center, and smaller rooms that ring both the ground level and the upper levels.

The smaller temples of Mellus tend to be focused on a singular performance art and are much more specific. They tend to have a large performance area/temple in their center, with some more private rooms for instruction and offices.

The Temple to Bast is a smallish building found in the outer city that was once a residence, and now serves as a place for Kitra coming through town to rest before they move on. The building has a fairly small temple, as Kitra worship pretty much individually at any time of the day or night, and has a larger area of simple, but comfortable, rooms.

Shrines to the Traveler/Doctor are seen in town, and they change in location as they are setup or dismantled, abandoned, etc. Normally traveling supplies that can be left, or taken are found at these sites. Staves, Rope, Tents, Blankets, and Foodstuffs are all common items left (and again, taken) from these Shrines.

The Temple to Vanir & Freya is near the gate of the city. Unlike temples to Vanir & Freya in other areas, the temple her is led by a Husband and Wife and their (adult) children. They have a larger, but still modest, temple inside the town, and have a few other businesses that also serve as small temples. The smaller temples are affiliated with businesses that represent Vanir & Freya. An inn & restaurant, a clothier, and a small butcher who doesn’t see too many who are interested in his preaching.

Brokensword has several districts:

Outside the walls is a fairly new manor a few miles out of town. The Sgabbard holding. The family are recent nobility, and have done well with their orchards, and trading.

The Outer City. The outer city are collections of people living outside the walls, mostly along the roads that exit Brokensword. It is a lower rent area with few guard patrols. “Smellier” industries. Farmers markets, Livestock, Stockyards, etc. The Outer City is as large as some smaller cities all by itself.

The main city.

The city has a few districts including an area of shops that straddles the divide between the working poor and middle class.

Another area of shops straddles the divide between the middle class and the upper classes.

People live between these shops, and it serves as the easiest demarcation between the different classes within town, as this can snake between different walls and sections.

The Keep is a walled fortress at the center of town, and has built upon itself with large open rooms and windows (GM NOTE: Take a look at Kenneth Branagh’s version of Hamlet for what the outer Keep looks like, and add a substantial outer wall). The inner Keep is distinct from this and can be closed off as needed.

Current Politics

Current politics are all about Lady Asta. She is a pretty good ruler, and has watched her town prosper over the past several years. Poor decisions in Parthas have helped her town, as well as a large temple to Mellus that holds an annual festival of music and the harvest.

She is known for being reasonable, and for putting the good of the city over any single individual, including those who think themselves above the law due to their nobility.

She does the hard work of ruling herself instead of handing off difficult decisions and judgments to the Justicars. She is respected far beyond her own city, though she rarely travels.

Other things of note

The Sgabbard’s are known throughout the town as wealthy and powerful people who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of, heck they even kicked out three of their own children!

The town has been developing fairly rapidly over the past decade or so as more travelers and trade have flowed through the town, and the festival of Mellus has attracted travelers far and wide. The population has diversified a bit during that time, where it used to be just humans and the occasional dwarf, now there is a sizable dwarvish population (and they brew one hell of an apple ale by the way!), and some nivolk and kitra now call the town home.

Areas of Interest to the Characters

Sage – One of the prominent local sages is Declan Sgabard. Formerly of Stonehold, he has returned to his hometown and resides in a small building in town. Declan’s knowledge is varied, having studied at the great temple of Forge in Stonebridge and under Achyth’s tutoring.

Ormr’s Inn is Two Apples and is an inn that caters to travelers through town.

The Donkey’s Kick. A Dwarvish run inn that caters to the influx of dwarves into town. Serving dwarvish ales along with the ciders and fruity drinks that Brokensword is commonly known.


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