Deepspring is a city with strong walls and stronger laws. The city is led by a gallant warrior and Cleric of Tynerion.

The city is fortified with constant upkeep on the walls, and with the guard, and militia training. The walls of the city have on both major roads a large banner that hangs from the top of the walls with a symbol of Tynerion emblazoned on the banner.

The city is subdued, but not unhappy. There are times for celebration, and times for work. Deepspring is subject to no law of man, but to the teachings of Tynerion. Other gods are tolerated in town, but it is expected that all will abide by the laws of Tynerion.

The architecture of the city is stout and solid. A mix of strong woods and stone are common, and fortified against external attack, it is otherwise unremarkable.

The city has a prominent Woodworker’s guild, and a Guild of the Mushroom.


Deepspring was founded by a Cleric of Tynerion who was defending a source of water for a small village. It has since passed down through the family, or if that was not possible through the Clergy. The ruler of Deepspring has been a Cleric or Paladin of Tynerion for as long as anyone can remember, but their leaders do change seemingly more often than other cities/kingdoms as they are “Called to Serve”.

Deepspring was founded well after the Sundering in response to Orcish and Goblin raids of farmers. The story of the city’s founding is that a small village of farmers was surrounded and facing imminent doom with a lone Paladin of Tynerion. With their back to the town well he called for a miracle, and the well sprouted forth as a geyser and creatures of water walked amongst the orcs pushing them back and saving the farmers. Some orcs fell to the ground in fear, and awe, and converted on the spot to the god that could bring forth such magics.

Ever since then it has been a deliberate development of the city. At first the city was little more than a keep, but over time it has expanded and developed into the town that it is today.

Geography and layout

The city is built right over a series of large caverns and a huge underground lake. It is believed that it is as large (or larger) than Darken Lake, or that it is part of that lake.

The city is built around the original, incredibly large well, with smaller wells that are spread out throughout the rest of the city. The water is the lifeblood of the city, and every well is under sight of at least one, more likely two watchtowers.

Temples and Districts

Deepspring is a simple, but practical layout to the city. A keep at the center surrounding the Great Well with guardtowers sprinkling the rest of the city.

A large temple to Tynerion exists within the city, and serves as a makeshift town hall when there is need, or as a hospital, or even as a place for entertainment.

Several other small temples exist, including those to Bast, Forge, Hemdal, Mellus and Vanir & Freya. Shrines to Selene appear in town from time to time.

Current Politics

Lord Milwr is the current Lord and while his son is technically next in line to the throne, if he is not ordained as a cleric of Tynerion that honor will be given to someone else.

Other things of note

Not many nobles exist in Deepspring, and an unusual level of cooperation between noble and commoner exists. It is not as bad as Greenbank with only 4 houses, but it is far from Liaha where nobility is, or at least was, able to be purchased.

The city is predominantly human, but has Kitra as its second largest group, and many can be found training at the Temple of Tynerion. The general population does not see Kitra as they are seen in the rest of the world. Here they are seen as hard working, giving, and as part of the community of Tynerion. If, or perhaps, when they travel, they will learn other aspects of Kitran nature.

Areas of Interest to the Characters

Deepspring is a city of fountains, of bathhouses, of water. In several of the inns, rooms have private baths.
The underground caverns are a source of mushrooms and storage for the city.
The artisians quarter put out some of the best made items crafted out of wood anywhere.

Taverns known:
The Holy Book. A subdued inn.
Tynerion’s Sword. An inn run by a former adventurer and worshiper of Tynerion.
Safe Haven.
The Rowdy Dwarf.
The Pirate’s Peg Leg. Supposedly the guy running it was a pirate who ran from Liaha 10 years back, and has decided to live a much more peaceful life.


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