Demi-Elves or Half-Elves were an anomaly of the races. They were the creation of an elvish parent and a human one, or the pairing of two demi-elves. Demi-Elvin traits have proven surprisingly stubborn and have been still found today in the populace. The pointy ears are not often seen, but the eyes have a certain sparkle, and they tend to be lean and still carry a hint of elves in their facial features.

Demi-Elves have never really been a dominant force in any land. They have been the outsiders and wanderers of the world. Not quite fitting in with an Elvish parent, or fitting in with their human heritage.

Demi-Elves come in as many variations as their human parents. They tend to carry over the cheekbones of their elvin parentage, the almond shaped eyes, and the pointy ears. Demi-Elves can grow facial hair.

Demi-Elves tend to have several common traits:

  • Demi-Elves see time in a different span than people around them. They look at life in longer time spans.
  • Demi-Elves are more adaptable than elves, and more steady than humans. They can make excellent leaders.
  • Demi-Elves have a longer lifespan (in relation to other demi-humans).
  • Demi-Elves honor independence, but long to belong to something larger than themselves.

Demi-Elves are the only known species that has more contradictions than man, and they too have several disadvantages as a group that they continually fight to overcome.

  • Demi-Elves long for acceptance, or refuse to seek it.
  • Demi-Elves often can imagine the results of their actions long term, but are caught up in the moment.
  • Demi-Elves are often curious of and wary of beauty and the darkness that could be behind it.
  • Demi-Elves are often emotive (against Elvin standards). They tend to have strong reactions to and once released is a powerful force.


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