Elves were once seen on the world, and what is below is speculation through stories passed down, and history and lore.

Elves once were one of the intelligent species found in the world. Elves never asserted a dominant place among the intelligent species.

Elves are assumed to have a far more uniform appearance than most of the other demi-humans. If this is true or not is speculation. Elves were described as tall and slender, athletic in appearance and beautiful. Hair color was almost always described as golden yellow or light brown tinged with an amber or gold coloration. Eyes were described as having an almost jewel like quality.

Elves tended to have several traits that once allowed them to survive and thrive:

  • Elves had the ability to think long term. Plan isn’t exactly right, as often a human or dwarvin would prepare a course of action, an elf would simply be ready for what was to come.
  • Elves appreciated beauty, and intelligence.
  • Elves found an appreciation of beauty in the natural, and would welcome several magical creatures into their mix.
  • Elves have a lifespan that was akin to that of legendary creatures.
  • Elves could work together, but would value the independence of their kin.

Elves were not known as a species of contradictions, but they too have several disadvantages as a group that they would fight or ignore.

  • Elves tended to think long term and could forget the moment.
  • Elves could get caught up in the moment and forget the long term, changing how they viewed the world. (Yep, it is a contradiction of the first point).
  • Elves could be blinded by beauty and fail to see the darkness behind a beauty.
  • Elves do not often hate, but those they do inspires a burning of a thousand suns.
  • Elves are not, normally, overly emotive. It takes a strong reaction to bring forth emotion from an Elf, but once released is a powerful force.


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