Greenbank is a relatively large city on the shores of Darken Lake. It is often (half-jokingly) referred to the first city beyond Liaha’s borders. It is in the heart of the 6 Cities and the ring that connects the cities runs through the outer portions of Greenbank. Greenbank is named after the lush vegetation that grows on the bank of Draken lake on the western side of the city.

Greenbank is led by the First Lady. A hereditary title that is the same as any Lord, but instead of any king, she is their queen. It is said that only the First Lady can wear the Crown of Ravens.

The city is fortified and walled, with the stone a large and dark color. The stone is the primary building material for the city, used for the walls, for building materials for buildings within the city, and even for stone statues that are found throughout the city and several at each gate of the city.

The city is far more freewheeling than most in Liaha, and while there is a strong military presence it is part of the city, and not segregated to any one point within. The military instead of stifling commerce and guilds have been embraced and have helped different groups and guilds rise.

Greenbank is seen as the rightful leader of the 6 cities, or as the thorn that has stopped the unification of the 6 cities, depending on who you have asked. Greenbank would not mind being the capital of a new kingdom, but does not believe it must impose this upon other cities, as this is already foretold.

The architecture of the city is stout and solid. A mix of strong woods and stone are common, and fortified against external attack, with individuals putting in remarkable amounts of work to detail their locations.

The city has a prominent Merchants guild, a Herbalists guild, a decent size of fishing vessels. A hearty trade commences by water with Blue Oak which the current First Lady counts as her strongest ally.


Greenbank was founded by a tribe of dwarves that were no longer welcome in what was to become Arlien. The last remnants of these inhabitants left long ago saying they were to travel north called by the singing metal, and that they left this behind to the Lady of Ravens. As such, dwarves are almost universally welcomed into the city. The city has remained independent since, and the population has varied widely with a mix of Dwarves, Kitra, Nivolk, a few Half-Orcs among others.

A place, and palace for the tribe of the builders remains in Greenbank. The house is maintained by the crown, but otherwise empty. It is the ONLY building in town with a green roof.

Greenbank is known as the city that has never fallen. It was fortified once by the dwarves, and they welcomed in other races with the Kitra, Elves, and Nivolk all making it home. When the dwarves left the city was well established and fortified.

Attacked many times, it has never fallen.

Geography and layout

The city is built on a series of small hills and gradually slopes down towards the road to the East and to the lake on the West. A clear killing field is set up around the city, and commons ring the city before encountering the outer city, with another ring of commons before encountering the farms and other settlements.

Local histories have said this is where the Orc Chieftain Gur’ag fell. The Golden Light that is prominent in all the stories was a reflection of the setting sun on Lake Draken.

Temples and Districts

Greenbank is a city as one would expect built by the dwarves. Districts are planned, and there was ample room for growth. The districts are well planned and even in the purest of the districts have a cross pollination that allows no district to suffer from the lack of a given service.

Districts include:
The Keep. The keep, is on one of the larger hills that is on the Western side of the city overlooking the lake.
Temple. Most major temples are found here, but smaller ones are found throughout the city.
Trade District. Found in a few areas near transportation. Near the water, and close to the city gates.
Residential. Broken into many smaller wards. These tend to have a small temple like structure and garden at their center with houses/apartments around them. The temples are all pretty much uniform and the churches that fill them were a later concern.
Stockyards. Just outside the city walls to the south-east of the city.
University. Near the keep. It was once the home of wizards, but now has a collection of clerics and sages that research in the First Lady’s hall of knowledge. (The Hall of Knowledge is dwarfed by temples of Forge found elsewhere.) The Hall of Knowledge has been mostly opened up by the crown and the temple of Forge has an active hand in maintaining the archive.

Known temples in the city are those to Hemdel, Mellus, Vanir & Freya, Tynerion, a small (through growing) temple to Forge. Dedicated shrines to the Traveler are found as part of the stonework placed around the city attached to buildings. The shrines are shallow, but provide a roof over the items, pegs to hang items, and a raised floor to keep things out of the mud. Other gods may have shrines located within the city, but are dependent upon having someone in the city to maintain them. Any shrine ‘abandoned’ for more than a season is dismantled.

Current Politics

The current First Lady or the Lady of Ravens as she wishes to be addressed is a girl of 18 who was selected for the throne two years ago. She was chosen over her older sister who was nearing 30 years of age. It is suspected there is resentment, but without any tangible proof.

Their mother Ataine passed the year before and her crown was offered to both of the Ladies. The Crown of Ravens rejected Eade and took to Aryn.

Since then Lady Aryn, the Lady of Ravens has taken her responsibilities seriously and has expanded the ranks of the military and now sends them on patrols around the 6 Cities as a counter point to the troops from Siegus.

Other things of note

The number of nobles in Greenbank is unusually small. There are 4 main houses, and that is all. Intermarriage between the houses is almost unheard of, but taking a lover or husband/wife from outside the city is not just common, it is expected.

As Tridrake has a Dragon fetish, so Greenbank has a fetish about Ravens. With the Raven’s Claw, the Wings of the Raven, and the 1000 Ravens all popular taverns. The Grand Market is the Dark Bird Market.

Keeping an eye on someone is called “Keeping under Raven Watch”

Inns in Greenbank include:
Queen’s Key
Three Crowns
Raven’s Shadow
The Crossed Swords – Typically filled with mercenary types.


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