Hilltop is one of the oldest cities in the entire Kingdom of Liaha. It is named after its location with the city situated on top of a large hill. The hill is more accurately described as a small mountain. Hilltop is city with a history and past that tinged with sorrow and loss, the last known Elves to live in the kingdom made their home here. Having some, any, Elvin blood is still seen as a badge of honor in Hilltop.

Hilltop looks upon Dwarves with suspicion. The fact that the city is built upon a mountain is not lost on the inhabitants, and Dwarves are viewed with suspicion lest they start digging and mining and building their home right under someone’s basement.

The architecture in Hilltop is stone and wood, but the buildings have a more open and airy interior, and even the exteriors don’t look as solid. The construction techniques used build strong buildings, but they lack the feeling of elemental strength that a Dwarvish stone building would have. Arches and buttresses are used far more frequently than in other cities.


Hilltop was founded long ago, and the stories that surround it are long past. What is known is that Hilltop was a place just outside of the woods where Elves and Men mingled, traded, and and governed. The city started at the top of the hill and slowly made its way down the hill.

Hilltop approached Strata about joining into an alliance and eventually becoming part of the kingdom when it was seen as being in both of their interests.

Geography and layout

Hilltop started at the top of the hill. The Keep and the Dragon Markeplace are the most prominent places on the top level. The three dragon statues silently gaze off into the distance. One is rearing back, one planted looking forward, and one appearing to sleep. The dragons are seen as the edges of Hilltop’s great marketplace. Just below this area is the only known temple to Selene.

Hilltop is divided into districts by terraces that work their way down the mountain. Each district has buildings built along the mountain itself, with an open area and then buildings that are again built near the walls. Ramps in the stone lead from one level of districts to another.

The city is built into districts which are terraced around the mountain. The less desirable a district it is located, when possible, further down the mountain.

Temples and Districts

Known temples in the city are those to Mellus, Selene, Forge, and a small house that serves as a temple to Bast.

The temple to Mellus is of moderate size, and has one temple about halfway up the mountain. The temple is wealthy enough to purchase land higher, but feels comfortable putting itself where the common man must aspire (and perspire) to reach them, while the nobility must come down a few levels to speak with them.

The temple to Selene is a large building that is airy and open. The priests wear lightweight clothing and happily look down on those below them. They delight in their (assumed) Half-Elvin heritage that makes them more than just men.

The temple to Forge is small. The temple is the size of a small one room schoolhouse. It seems it is manned by a singular dwarf. Many of the books in the temple are information of Elvin language, architecture, etc.

The Temple to Bast is a smallish building found in the lower city that was once a residence, and now serves as a place for Kitra coming through town to rest before they move on. The building has a fairly small temple, as Kitra worship pretty much individually at any time of the day or night, and has a larger area of simple, but comfortable, rooms.

Shrines to the Traveler/Doctor are seen in town, and they change in location as they are setup or dismantled, abandoned, etc. Normally traveling supplies that can be left, or taken are found at these sites. Staves, Rope, Tents, Blankets, and Foodstuffs are all common items left (and again, taken) from these Shrines.

Temples to Vanir & Freya are located in several places throughout the city. There is a very small temple near the upper levels, but larger temples, (still not large) are found in multiple places in the lower city and even outside the city walls. Each temple is different, as are the priests who follow, and interpret the faith on their own.

Hilltop has several districts:

Outside the walls. The Outer City. The outer city are collections of people living outside the walls, mostly along the road that exits Hilltop. It is a lower rent area with few guard patrols. “Smellier” industries. Farmers markets, Livestock, Stockyards, etc. The city is also home to many who can just simply not afford the rent of living inside.

As people come inside the city, they move up levels, and as the levels increase so does the class of citizens. People living in Hilltop can tell what level someone lives on by the way they talk, dress, and even walk.

Current Politics

Not much is known about the politics in Hilltop at this time.

Other things of note

Several prominent people in town have prosthetics. Much like automail from Full Metal Alchemist, but often fashioned out of brass/bronze. It isn’t cheap, but it allows for a person to be fully functional again.

Areas of Interest to the Characters

There are several adventuring companies that are based out of Hilltop. George and Tia are with one of the groups, who are based outside the city walls.

Another group is based out of one of the higher levels, and all of its members claim nobility and to be of Elvin blood. They tend to wear light chain mail, use fencing swords and short bows.

A third is a much smaller, but far more serious group. They are made up mostly of people from the city, with a few that have made it into their good graces. They see themselves as the only ‘real’ adventuring company.

The Roasted Pig is Quilo’s tavern. And may be a suitable dining place for followers of Artemir.

The Stone Cot is Tand’s inn near the gates on the lower level. The inn is built into the side of the mountain, and has comfortable, if small, rooms and decent food.

The White Key. Food is good with ample portions. 20 Silver. It has small but comfortable rooms. The front of the inn has been whitewashed.

The Flying Nympth. – Inn on the 4th level of the city. It has a series of windows on top of the wall on the main level. The furniture is lightweight, if not overly delicate. All drinks are served in glassware. The bartender and door guard are big & burly.

Known to live in town is Tisa, Athan, and Tillert.

Every 3rd month on 1st Day is a major market that draws in people from all around, and even other cities. Smaller markets are the norm, with a subdued chatter.


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