Kitra are an intelligent and cat-like creature. They tend to be found in and around the Kitra plains, but individuals can be found anywhere in the world. the rumors of their creation credit the goddess Bast or the human mage Gato.

The kitra are quick and agile and normally stand bipedal, but revert to running on all four feet. They are furry and have a tail, their faces strongly favor their feline heritage, but they have evolved and adapted beyond that of large cats. Many have a fondness for sweets and have flat molars for an omnivorous diet.

There are two distinct types of Kitra; Plains and Mountain. The Plains Kitra are quicker, luckier, and have a different society than their Mountain counterparts. The Mountain Kitra are stronger and physically larger, and are not touched by Bast and are therefore not quite as lucky as their brethren.

They have a few fixed cities, but many lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Kitra tend to have several common traits:

  • Kitra are distractable, and often fidgety.
  • Kitra are curious, and often outgoing.
  • Kitra are largely independent.
  • Kitra are largely unusually self reflective of their culture, and often have set up parts of society to counteract their failings. Much of the administration of the Kitra cities is handed over to non-Kitra as they will do it better.
  • Kitra often are aloof of those around them, and often the world. It isn’t a tolerance, but rather a general lack of interest in something perceived as mundane.

Kitra are often seen as very straightforward and are not known for a great set of contradictions, but they too have several disadvantages as a group that they fight to overcome.

  • Kitra have not seen a need for technology. Their inherent agility, speed, and weapons don’t leave many kitra at a disadvantage even when surprised.
  • Kitra are not fond of wolves and dogs, though some may have pets of cats or large cats.
  • Plains Kitra often work loosely together towards goals, and provide for the pack. They are a form of communist creatures, and take what they need, but also leaving behind what they don’t need. Within their culture this is not a problem, when traveling…
  • Mountain Kitra are a highly independent group, and often have to work hard for what they need, or fight their environment (creatures, weather, etc) for what they need. Again among themselves this isn’t a problem…
  • Kitra do not make great farmers, hunters sure.


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