Book of LeLu

LeLu – god of quests and journeys

Most people already know that there are 4 elements in the world. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. But what most people don’t know is that there is also a 5th element. The 5th element however has been lost in time.

Our mistress Lelu has left signs with the different peoples to help us find the 5th element again.

Main Part

At journey’s start deep in the earth past the wall of flame a sword awaits to point the way

in the land to the north on the isle of the lake hidden in shadows a guide awaits to point the way

follow the ancient ways that reappear, the <smudge> will point will point the way

in the land of the sun there is an earthen ______ that will point the way

You must find he who is on the path but does not know the way. He however will point the way.

Be careful of the shrines along the path embracing too tightly will put you in grave danger.

Beware the time of the undead for they shall be hidden and many.

Vallorean – The Bane of those of LeLu resides in city of three dragons that sit atop a hill. Bane will pretend to be of the noble class but live with the scoundrels underneath. Her looks will attempt to stray you from the path and will try to point you the wrong way.

While the Traveller is a great comrade to have, beware he lies.

Written in ancient elvish – Find the earthbrother to help along the path for he is Forge.

Written in ancient elvish – The champion will help you find the sword behind the flame.


The Sundering Baziloh