Overview of the kingdom.

Liaha is an old land, but never had a strong central presence until Savan Tridegen assumed power. He assumed the throne of Strata and built upon his fathers legacy that had started to bring together the near cities into a stronger central government. Savan Tridegen has expanded his kingdom through diplomacy, war, and guile to be the kingdom that it is today.

His father was the former ruler of Liaha, and in his time he really ruled no more than Strata, Hirus, Quiet Vale, Verden, Greytown, Osten, and Brokensword.

The land itself is a temperate climate with fertile croplands. Timber and minerals are available, and under the kingdom is thought to be a large underground lake or rivers. The kingdom is a land just bigger than what Earther’s would call Texas.

The kingdom is surrounded by a river to the North the Ariel Dale to the West, Hilltop Woods to the East, The Great Dwarvin Wall to the South, and buffered by mountains that lead to the Kitra Plains.

Cities and locations inside the kingdom
Trader Towns
Quiet Vale
Mountain City
The Stone Road (Dwarftears)
The Great Dwarvin Wall
Ariel Dales
Hilltop Woods
Faydragon Forest
The Bay of Swords


Savan Tridegen is the longstanding king. He started his rule while still a teenager. His father and mother didn’t have a child until late in life, and he was an only son. A mistake he made sure not to repeat. He still rules as he is nearing 70 years old. He has been a warrior king, a philander, and a right bastard. He has also made the kingdom boring, and safe.

Being a warrior king, and boring seem like contradictions, but are truly not. He has fought mainly at his northern borders to expand his territory and cut the knees out of anyone who may threaten his kingdom.

50 years of relative peace has brought prosperity, and it has done as much, if not more to bring together the cities in the area. He reserves the right to arbitrarily issues decrees, or interfere with outer cities, but has rarely used the power. He established the Justicars, a group of circuit judges, to travel the kingdom and issue king’s law.

The cities, to an extent reflect their personalities, and as long as they follow the rules of the kingdom, are allowed to interpret, and implement their own laws. The distinction is often referred to as King’s Law and Local law. A subject has the right to ask for a Justicar at their trial for violations of either type of law. A noble may call on a Justicar to try criminals in their city to protect their status against a popular uprising.

Justicars normally travel with a small group of members of the King’s Guard (read army).

Liaha’s settled nature has led to the dissolving of most true mercenary companies, with the few that still exist keeping a low profile and accepting smaller jobs, or jobs outside of Liaha proper. The companies that still exist tend to have their bases near the borders of Liaha.

A step below Liahan mercenary companies are adventuring companies that have a wide variety of skills and effectiveness. Some of the adventuring companies are little more than social drinking clubs, while others may rival some of the mercenary companies that reside outside the safe borders of Liaha.


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