Liaha Money

Money in Liaha is standardized and is done by weight. The prices in the appendix are normally very close to prices commanded in the cities around the kingdom. Some normal variance occurs, worked metal tends to be cheaper in the south, leather and foodstuffs cheaper in the north.

Liahan money is a variety of shapes. Iron Bits and Copper are round with imprints on the sides.
Silver, Gold, and Platinum are diamond shaped and are made to allow for the coin to be split into
halves with ‘striking’ marks on the edge of the coin.

2 Iron Bits = 1 Copper
10 Copper = 1 Silver
4 Silver = 1 Gold
2 Gold = 1 Platinum

1 Platinum = 160 Iron Bits
1 Platinum = 80 Copper
1 Platinum = 8 Silver
1 Platinum = 2 Gold

Name Official Name Slang Weight
Iron Bits Pence Bits 2.5g or 175 to a pound
Copper Shilling Commons 5g or 87 to a pound
Silver Florins Knights 6g or 72 to a pound
Gold Sterling Nobles 8g or 55 to a pound
Plat Sovereigns Kings 12g or 36 to a pound

Liaha Money

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