Strata is the capital of Liaha. It is named after a long dead king. The city is reminiscent of Camelyn from WOT. The city is full of twisty roads and situated on a series of small to medium sized hills. The city is the largest in the entire kingdom, nearing almost 1/2 a million people, Dwarves, Kitra, Nivolk, and others.


Strata is the capital of Liaha, and has developed and expanded over a very long time. The city is built upon the ruins of previous cities, as it has grown and expanded. The current royal family, the Tredegen line has had the throne for the past 3 rulers. The last several rulers have been very good for the kingdom allowing it to expand, coalesce, and become strong and profitable.

Strata is a center of learning and scientific development. Walkers and War Wagons were developed here with the help of the temple of Forge.

Geography and layout

The city has expanded, and expanded again over time. Currently it has people living within the inner keep, the inner city/the old city, the outer city/the new city, and outside the city walls.

There are fortifications along the inner and outer walls, and there are standalone fortifications inside the walls as well. These standalone guard towers and small fort like objects.

Two fortifications stand at the center of the city. They are the King’s Palace, and the Armored Market. The fortifications are separate, but roughly equal in size and between them is the Everlit commons.

Drake’s Sorrow Keep houses the Royal Palace, and is across from the Armored Market. Between the two is the Everlit commons.

The King’s Palace, known as Drake’s Sorrow, has been remodeled time and time again. Dating back to times long forgotten it is filled with several large halls, a warehouse, its own water supply (both a well, and storage). The castle is divided into sections with at its core a very stout and formidable castle, as time has gone on it is still designed for defense, but aesthetics have been given similar weight.

Some servant quarters are located directly in the castle, but the rest are part of attached fortifications, spreading out from the main castle like extra wings.

The Everlit Commons is a market and park with several deep wells, a large open meadow and small patch of woods. Surrounding the commons are statues of great knights, warriors, kings, and beasts. Magical lights surround the commons, making it a meeting spot for people at all hours of the day or night.

The Armored Market houses some shops in its outer courtyard, mainly militaristic in nature. A garrison of guards lives in and runs much of the military out of the fortification. Statues like those around the Everlit Commons are found throughout the outer courtyard, and several larger ones found within the interior. One immense gate leads to the interior courtyard.

Temples and Districts

The city has temples to most known gods, though some hunting will be required to find some of them. Some of the more popular religions have more than a single temple.

The Temple of Forge is a large building that is near the Everlit Commons, The Armored Market, and Drake’s Sorrow. The temple has been continually expanded, and now has a small temple and entry portion that leads into three very large and distinct wings.

The Temple of Mellus is not a single temple, but rather a series of smaller temples and buildings. They do have a central larger temple that is used as half academy, half performance hall. Oh, and they hold services there too. The building has a large open center, and smaller rooms that ring both the ground level and the upper level.

The smaller temples of Mellus tend to be focused on a singular performance art and are much more specific. They tend to have a large performance area/temple in their center, with some more private rooms for instruction and offices.

The Temple to Bast is a smallish building found in the new city that was once a residence, and now serves as a place for Kitra coming through town to rest before they move on. The building has a fairly small temple, as Kitra worship pretty much individually at any time of the day or night, and has a larger area of simple, but comfortable, rooms.

There are some who make use of the temple’s rooms on an hourly basis.

Shrines to the Traveler/Doctor are seen in town, and they change in location as they are setup or dismantled, abandoned, etc. Normally traveling supplies that can be left, or taken are found at these sites. Staves, Rope, Tents, Blankets, and Foodstuffs are all common items left (and again, taken) from these Shrines.

The Temple of Tynerion is a husk of its former glory. It is an ancient building in the old city, but it is no longer in use and services and the priesthood, such that it is reside in a front building that is the size of a small house.

The Temple of Pyr is not known to exist.

The Temple to Vanir & Freya is located in several places throughout the city. There is a small temple within the old city, but larger temples are found in multiple places in the new city, and even outside the city walls. Each temple is different, as are the priests who follow, and interpret the faith on their own.

Shrines to Bes (Tom) may be found in town, often in or near a park/square with cryptic signs. An arrow in a snare trap, a weapon stashed in a large tree, etc.

The Temple to Selene is located in the house of one of the minor nobility. People are allowed to visit by appointment, if they meet the criteria for the priest.

Strata has several districts:

Outside the walls. The Outer City. The outer city are collections of people living outside the walls, mostly along the roads that exit Strata. It is a lower rent area with few guard patrols. “Smellier” industries. Farmers markets, Livestock, Stockyards, etc. The Outer City is as large as some smaller cities all by itself.

The Outer Walls. The New City. Many guards and shops. Taverns, Inns abound, as well as some shops, parks, guard towers (part of the wall and freestanding), and some temples to the new gods. The roads twist and curve around so as to confuse or delay any potential invaders.

Further into the New City will find the merchant houses (and warehouses), guard towers, specialty shops, more prominent (or older) temples, herbalists, and more upscale Inns and guild halls. Also found closer to the inner walls will be the Dwarvin District.

The Dwarvin district is several densly packed blocks that have housing, craftsmen (craftsdwarf?), shops, warehouses, and even temples. The doors are shorter, and the area is sized for the inhabitants.

The Inner Walls. The Old City. Noble Houses, upper end shops, high quality inns, jewelers, moneychangers/banks, clocks makers, guard posts, more parks. It is a thing of beauty with walls of white soaring up.

The Keep – Market, Military, Castle.

Current Politics

The king has not been seen much. Beyond a surprise appearance in the past month or so, he has not been seen in over a year. People have thought him sick, dying, or dead. Jockeying for position and succession has already started. His steward, Tiramyr, has assured people of the king’s continued health, but has repeated that his schedule has kept him busy and out of the public eye.

Other things of note

Several prominent people in town have prosthetics. Much like automail from Full Metal Alchemist, but often fashioned out of brass/bronze. It isn’t cheap, but it allows for a person to be fully functional again.

Strata is known for its publishing industry. Scribes, sages, bookbinders abound in the city.

Areas of Interest to the Characters

House Valus. The house of Galena Valus Valus. The house is a large three storied structure with a set of servants entrances, multiple smaller rooms, and a large dining/ballroom that is used for entertaining. The house is surrounded by a stone wall.

House Ashir. The house that Lady Teaghan Sgabard is a Lady in waiting at. She helps manage the functions of the house.

Archon’s shack. His shack looks like it is ready to fall over at any moment. Made of weathered planks it sits about an hour outside of the eastern gate of the city.

Dagmir’s forge. His forge is located in the Dwarvish Quarter, and is a forge that employs several dwarves. He keeps one forge prepared and set if Forge himself should ever desire to use it.

Jorgen’s forge. His forge is located in the Dwarvish Quarter, and is a forge that employs several dwarves. He and Dagmir are rivals, and about equal in skill.

Kast is at the Temple of Forge. He is the leader of the temple.

The Three Towers is an inn that is based around three very close towers that are about 3 stories tall. Rooms are divided up among the towers, and a common room for food and drink combines the three towers. One of the towers is for the staff, kitchens, storage, etc with a second filled with individual rooms, and the third (the center) has suites. It offers hot baths, and decent food. It has a small stable.

The Dragon’s Wing is an inn that is of a typical design. The door leads into a common room with a bar at the back, a small stage, and stairs to rooms for privacy and lodging behind and upstairs. The food is excellent.

The Walker’s Rest is a tavern and has several meeting rooms. Kyr has been seen at this location. It is rumored to be a place that thieves pass through.


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