Tridrake, the city where Artemir fears to tread dragons returned to the world. The city symbol is three white dragons on a green tabard. Sometimes this is depicted over the silhouette of an open book.

Tridrake is a city that has embraced its name and could be considered to have a dragon fetish. It is a walled city on the south-eastern edge of the 6 Cities. The city is old and walled, its battle scarred walls having driven back literally armies of orcs, goblins, and lizard folk. It is a self sufficient city that tolerates the outside at its whim.

Tridrake is a repository of knowledge that is seldom seen.

Tridrake is not known for its military forces, but does have a history of outsmarting its enemies.

The architecture of the city is stout and solid. The eldest of buildings are made of a strong stone, and many are scarred just as the outside walls of the city. Otherwise it is a mix of strong woods and stone are common, and fortified against external attack, but otherwise unremarkable.


Tridrake has existed for a very long time, but did not become a large city until well after the Sundering. The city was built after repeated Orcish incursions into the area, and the near destruction of the city many times over. First it was the passing through of Forge, and the lack of defenses that led him to dismiss the village as his home. Even as Forge continued onward, there were others who believed that the area was defensible, offered an area to grow and expand, and other, undefined, advantages. The group that split away researched the area and found a solution. It is said that the walls to the city were found, complete, and simply erected and fortified to their current position.

Some say the walls are pages out of the book of time itself.

The city was at first immense, considering the city walls were enough to fit tens of thousands when the city only had a couple thousand people that lived in the city, the nearby farms, and in the nearby town of Water’s Edge.

Over time the city has continued to grow, and has expanded. The walls that once seemed so large, not seem confining, as the city is packed. Other walls have been built over time, but they have been overrun in many attacks and people believe that the only true shelter is behind the old walls.

The city was led by a council of the learned back in times of old, but because of the near constant attacks when it was founded it gradually transitioned to a more typical town under the rule of nobility. (The whispered tales say the city was led by the council until the council decided to move, and left their great libraries behind, and that a wealthy merchant warrior stood up and declared himself a noble and that HE would protect the city.)

Geography and layout

Tridrake is built upon a large, nearly pancake level section of plains. This area of the continent is rife with underground streams and lakes that allow water sources for even the most land locked of cities. The city walls are the only thing that have kept Tridrake from being nothing more than an abandoned ruin so many years ago.

Tridrake is surrounded by farms and small pockets of woods. A singular large cave is halfway between Tridrake and Water’s Edge that is blocked by wall similar to that of the city walls. Any attempt to mess with that wall will be met with violence. It is continually guarded by the wardens.

Temples and Districts

Tridrake has a small central keep, and a fortified sages guild that is nearly as large as the keep itself. The two buildings are the tallest in town and built upon the closet thing the city has to a hill. It is surmised they are built on the dirt from the foundations of the other buildings.

The city is arranged like the spokes of a wagon wheel. The center hub is the keep and sages guild, and beyond that are two rings that make up the city. Beyond that are smaller walls that are not up to the same standards (or heights) as the inner walls.

The districts around the city are not divided by content, and the city is very well mixed. With shops next to residences next to military, etc.

The main market square is irregular in shape, and to this day nothing will grow on the blackened ground. The Scorched Earth Marketplace was said to be where a dragon melted a couple of demons who had come to try and take over the city. The dragon had disappeared before anyone could have their eyes adjust.

Temples within the city take a variety of shapes and sizes, and the different religions have taken the one that most resembles their values.

Known temples in the city are to Hemdel, Votan, Vanir & Freya, Tynerion, Mellus, Bastel, shrines to Forge, the Traveler, Baast, Bes, and Selene all exist.

Outside the walls there is a fairly large outer city. The outer city is a collections of people living outside the walls, mostly along the roads that exit Tridrake. It is a lower rent area but still with frequent guard patrols. “Smellier” industries. Farmers markets, Livestock, Stockyards, etc. This area of the city is home to many who can just simply not afford the rent of living inside.

Current Politics

Not much is known about the politics in Tridrake at this time.

Other things of note

The local guard are known as The Wardens and range the roads around Tridrake and all the way to Water’s Edge. They are far more educated than most city guards or army people. They are smaller in number but are expected to make up for it with a keen intelligence. Normally it works out, but they typically are fighting goblins and orcs.

Prominent guilds in Tridrake are the Sages Guild, Herbalists, Alchemists, Merchants, and Fishermen.

The population of Tridrake is fairly diverse with a combination of Dwarves, Kitra, Nivolk, and even rumors of an Elf or two that live amongst the population. Anyone who wishes to learn is welcome, but anyone who wishes to disrupt will be punished.

Tridrake does not tax on weapons that enter town. Tridrake those who wear armor.

  • 10 SP for Plate Mail and above
  • 5 SP for Brigadine / Splint / Banded
  • 3 SP for Chain
  • 2 SP for Leather
  • 1 SP for Padded

Areas of Interest to the Characters

Tridrake likes to live up to its name. Statues around town are of three dragons, three headed dragons and many establishments are named after dragons.

Taverns known:
The Dragon’s Lair. A full on theme restaurant!
Dragon’s Rest. A subdued inn with a lot of books, a warm fire and lots of ale.
Dragon’s Wing. An expansive inn that gives people a chance to stretch out and relax.
The Dragon Hunter. A smaller inn, with the walls covered in animals and weapons.
Three Dead Demons. The sign is three stylized demons with large red X’s through them. The inn was once white, but now is blackened with the partial outline of what appear to be three winged humanoid type creatures along its side wall.
Artemir’s Curse. A well lit and comfortable tavern. No GAMBLING!
The Halls of the sideways 8. A small manor that was converted into a rooming house with a large common room now used for food and entertainment.
The Simple Scholar. The sign is of a sage with a pointy hat at a jaunty angle with a bent tip. Good food, decent prices and simple but comfortable rooms.


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