What the players know

You are in the kingdom of Liaha. No exceptions.

The world is best described as low to medium magic area. There used to be far greater magic,
but it has diminished in the world. There are still hints about the level of magic. The center of the Strata, the capital city of Liaha, is renowned for its Everlit Commons, a garden and marketplace known for its stonework, statues, and is surrounded by magical light.

The world is a mix of technological eras. The most advanced may start to approach some sort of steampunk idea, with lowly backwoods closer to a late medieval era. Gunpowder has not, and will not make an appearance.

We can discuss equipment, and come up with reasonable gear. We may already have something in
the rules, or we can bend them. It’s about having fun, but trying to keep it somewhat believable.

There is a pantheon of gods, and it has two tiers. There are the ‘Old Ones’ that have always been
around, and then there are the ‘New Gods’ who were once men and became gods.


There are several races available to play in the Game.
Half-Elves – Fairly rare and look far more human than Elvish.
Elves – VERY rare, and will stand out in every city.
Nivolk – A Halfling type creature. In looks they are similar to Elves from Elfquest.
Kitra – Cat people.


There are several professions in the game, but they are of themselves not classes. Added for the campaign are the Tinkerer who is an inventor, a creator, and the Justicar a traveling circuit judge within the kingdom of Liaha.

A profession is the ability to use a set of skills to complete a task. That’s the way characters are developed too. If I don’t work on my math skills they will not improve in real life, it works that way in the game too.

The system is in basically an extended beta test. Please feel free to help improve it. Conflicts of a system nature will be handled arbitrarily for expediency and then a correction can be developed for the next session.

The dice lie.

I reserve the right to overrule the dice for storytelling. I will not kill you unfairly, but if the dice will screw up the story, they won’t be given the chance.

Ask me about your character’s bloodline.

What the players know

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