Men and monster, dragons and demons will again walk the land when the rivers bleed and summer fails.

Machine will replace magic will replace machine. Times of old shall awake with an anger working their mark again on the world.

The child of prophecy is born, harken to his call and awake.

Haven or essence given may stay strife’s call.

Action, and inaction, shape the world

Welcome to the kingdom of Liaha (lA-ha). The safest, strongest, and most prosperous kingdom on the Eastern shores.

It is a time of intrigue, of rebirth, and heroes. The land does not know it yet, but it needs you and we pray you’re ready for it. Are we returning to an age of legends, or just a time of chaos? Is it politics, or is there something more?

The stories are ready to be written…

What the players know
What the characters know
Gods and what characters know about them

The Sundering

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