Rivan Sgabard

New Nobility (and a long time thief...shhhh)


Other Names:

  • aka Neil (most places)
  • aka Burke (in Hilltop and Stonehold)
  • aka Mozzy (Hilltop – fence)
  • aka Edward Elrich (in Strata)
  • aka Liam

Physical Description

  • Light Brown Hair
  • Grey Eyes
  • 5’10"
  • 160 lbs

In Hilltop he died his hair a platinum blond and made it spikey when he was posing as himself for a change.


From my earliest days, I was the black sheep of the family. Evidently I was born a month early and I am lacking my father’s distinctive nose. Needless to say, there is speculation that dear old Mom stepped out on him while he was away with the merchant train.

I don’t know if it is true or not, the topic was taboo. That did not prevent Father from treating me differently from the others though. While the others were educated and sent off for proper apprenticeships, Taban was trained to take over the family business, Camryn was trained as a warrior, and Declan was sent off to study with the sages, I was sent to be a stable hand. Even my little sister was sent off to court to be trained as a proper lady.

After two hours of mucking out stalls, I had had enough. I took what I needed and left. I spent the majority of that summer and fall on my father’s land stealing food from the orchard and from neighbor’s farms. I knew I was unwanted when they refused to look for me. Their lives continued on much as it had before.

Winter came and I had to seek shelter, I didn’t have any wilderness skills as I was never invited along on the hunting and camping trips with my brothers. I ventured into the nearby town of Brokensword and lived on the streets with some other kids. We stole from the merchants and anyone who did not closely guard their coin pouch.

Once I was good enough of a thief on my own to attract the attention of the underworld, I was pressed into membership by the local thieves’ guild. While I initially resented this intrusion onto my independent existence, the perks of being able to sleep in a warm bed and regular hot meals was too hard to pass up. Not every child on the streets got this opportunity, only those that showed some intelligence and promise in the art of attaining material objects from those who did not wish to part with it.

Life with the thieves was better than anything I could ever remember. I still couldn’t trust anyone, but it was at least more fun. As I went along, I started to get cocky. I was a fast runner and few could catch me. I had also learned to evade detection by climbing up the sides of buildings and running along the rooftops. I came to think I was invincible, as I realize now most teens do.

In my fifteenth year, I got careless. I didn’t take the time to properly case the property of one of my reluctant donors. I was trying to pilfer an item from the sages of Brokensword, when I discovered a trap had been laid to prevent such activities. I was caught. What made it worse was one of the Kingdom’s Justicars, Nolek, was having a meeting with the head of the order during my botched job. It is hard to plead that you are innocent when the Justicar is the one that finds you caught in the trap with the goods. I was not looking forward to the harsh punishment that would surely be handed down.

My luck held out though, as it happened that my brother was part of this order. He talked to the head of the order and the Justicar and brokered my release. I guess I shouldn’t have expected a happy family reunion, however I didn’t expect to be introduced as Neil, an acquaintance from his childhood. I went with it though and have used the alias ever since.
In return for letting me go, I was to go to Stonebridge and obtain a holy relic from a private collector and return it to the sages. Justicar Nolek agreed to look the other way as long as I met my obligation.

This time I did my homework. I spent some time training with the guild, gathering information on my target and then headed out. The extraction of the artifact couldn’t have gone better, if I do say so myself. The effort paid off and the relic was mine, as were several other items that no one else needed to know about.

The sages were grateful and forgave my past indiscretion, provided of course that I never return. That was fine with me. They let the Justicar know that the charges had been dropped.
That just left Justicar Nolek, who was within his rights to have me punished, no matter what the sages said. I didn’t like owing the Justicar, but there was not much that could be done about it. He never spoke of a price for his silence, but there is always a price. That is one thing that I learned early growing up in the streets.

From then on I made sure to know where in the kingdom he was so that I did not run into him again while on a job. In fact, when he was in town, I would take a holiday. Just to be on the safe side. You understand, don’t you?

The years passed. I tried to keep tabs on my family, even though they didn’t seem to care what happened to me.

Taban took over the running of the merchant caravan. He has expanded the business and it seems to be going better than ever. He always was wicked smart. The family was getting quite the reputation around the kingdom. Taban had Father open a storefront in town. He was getting too old be on the road traveling all the time.

Camryn has joined the caravan as head of security. From what I can tell, he is doing a good job. There have been no major losses on any of the trips since he took over. He also has a small place on the estate.

Declan I don’t hear too much about. Between my history with the sages and how they don’t like outsiders to know their inner workings, I’m lucky to know that he is alive at all. There were rumors that he went to another town at one point for further training, but I can’t be sure.

My Sister Teaghan is in Strata. She is a lady-in-waiting to one of some noble’s snot nosed brats. I’m not sure if she will be staying on there or not. She may not even remember me, she was only 7 when I left. Doubtless I was never mentioned at family dinners. She should be almost old enough to start thinking of marriage now. Hopefully she grew out of the nose, if not…Eek. Maybe she can find a potion or poultice to fix it. I know I would if I were her.

As for me, I have been having a moderate success on my own. I have branched out to do work in other cities. Just recently I took a commission to steal a large gem from a jeweler. I had to pretend to work for him for several weeks before I was able to snatch it. It doesn’t sound like he suspects that it was me either. I was let go from his employ and left town shortly after. Not too quickly though. I didn’t want to arouse suspicion.

Rivan Sgabard

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