The typical person from the Kitra Plains has a dusky skin complexion and a variety of hair coloration ranging from light brown to deep black. Standing about 5’6" for men, and 5’4" for women. Eyes tend to be darker in color with browns most common.

Hair color, height, and skin tone do see wide variations as the Kitra Plains are on several trade routes and outside blood is introduced into the populace at regular intervals. It is random chance if a child of a ‘mixed’ union will be a mixture of the traits of the mother and father, or if they will favor the traits of the mother or father.

People living in the Kitra plains live in a variety of settlements, with some living a nomadic lifestyle, and some living in the few cities within the plains. Generalizing about their living conditions is hard to do because of the variety of settlements.

Most people from the Kitran Plains feel loyalty to their families, any religions they may follow, and possibly to their city/tribes.


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