A history of Magic

The world was once much richer in magics, and some hints can be still seen. The lights around the Everlit Commons in Strata, or the occasional magical sword are some of the things that touch the imagination of men.

Wizards were said to walk the world and combat dragons and demons. Men took to the skies on horses with wings, and rugs that would do more than keep your feet warm.

The days are long past, and a wizard has not been seen since the Sundering.

It is said that magic was lost because men, and gods did not stand up to an ancient evil, that men didn’t fight men, but gods fought gods.

If that was what happened: Was it a win? Was it a loss? Was it a draw? We don’t know, because the wizards of the world, the elves, and the dragons and demons seemingly disappeared overnight. The gods no longer answered pleas, and magic became miracle.

Not all magic was stuffed into the metaphorical dust bin, many creations still did work. Magical swords and traps, the undead still were seen. Magic has been hoarded and collected from that time. A magical sword now can buy out nearly any debt a family may own to their lord.

What magic that still does remain has been concentrating into the hands of the lords, or passed down from grandfather to father to son, time and again, or still locked up in an ancient dragon’s hoard or the tombs of an ancient warrior.

Gods have returned to answer the pleas of man, but their miracles are far weaker than in ages past, and wizards, if they exist, still do not walk openly.

The prophecies talk about the return of magic, and is the world ready? Will it be the return of a tool, the return of good, or of evil.

A history of Magic

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