One dwarf is just like any other dwarf, right? Completely and utterly wrong. While on first glance dwarves do share a lot of traits, their individuality will surprise most.

Dwarves are one of the prominent intelligent species found in the world.

Dwarves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the smallest among them as short as Nivolk, and the tallest almost the height of a man. Coloration varies pretty widely. Not all of the variations are noticeable to those who are not dwarves.

Dwarves tend to have several traits that have allowed them to survive and thrive:

  • Dwarves have the ability to plan and persevere even through difficult times.
  • Dwarves tend to appreciate competence over other pesky traits like gender, coloration, and even race.
  • Dwarves have a longer lifespan (in relation to other demi-humans).
  • Dwarves have the ability to work together, and with others to further their ends.
  • Dwarves have a plan for survival that will face nearly any catastrophe.

Dwarves are not known as a species of contradictions, but they too have several disadvantages as a group that they continually fight to overcome.

  • Dwarves tend to focus on particular goals and diligence can be seen as obsession.
  • Dwarves tend to equate status with wealth, and some could rival dragons of legend for their greed.
  • Dwarves do not often hate, but those they do inspires a burning of a thousand suns.
  • Dwarves do not rapidly change emotion, and can be trapped into a way of thinking well beyond a situation passing.


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