Dwarvish Money

Dwarven money has standardized to the same exchange as Liaha because of the proximity of Lahia. Other Dwarven communities around the world will probably have different weights and names.

Dwarvish money is a typical coin shape. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are made to allow for the coin to be split into halves with ‘striking’ marks on the edge of the coin.

2 Iron Bits = 1 Copper
10 Copper = 1 Silver
4 Silver = 1 Gold
2 Gold = 1 Platinum

1 Platinum = 160 Iron Bits
1 Platinum = 80 Copper
1 Platinum = 8 Silver
1 Platinum = 2 Gold

Name Official Name Slang Weight
Iron Bits Forgings Dross 2.5g or 175 to a pound
Gears Gears Commons 5g or 87 to a pound
Silver Helms Axes 6g or 72 to a pound
Gold Mark Dragons 8g or 55 to a pound
Plat Sovereigns Mines 12g or 36 to a pound

Dwarvish Money

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