The Elvin prophecies are not well known, the only ones that survive are retellings of retellings or found in ancient manuscripts in some ancient dwelling.

The Elves gods did not seem to focus on foretellings as their people were long lived and lived in the moment. Nothing if fixed when you live forever. A point in time is only one point of many.

  • “Assemble the group with Tom’s child with the Claw of Flame, the child of the tree, Earthbrother, and the Beast of Legend to the twisted oak before Summer’s Snow to wake the lady of Enchantments. Her blessing will bring light to the dawn.”

Source: Metal talking tree in abandoned Elvish town in the Ariel Dales

-Tom’s child : Tom is alternate name for Bes
-Child of the tree: elf
-Earthbrother: dwarf
-Beast of Legend: dragon?
-Lady of Enchantments – Elvish Godess Rivaldess


The Sundering Kerian