There are several intelligent species found in the world, and of these Humans are the dominant group.

Humans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the smallest among them as short as Nivolk, and the tallest almost the height of an ogre. Coloration varies pretty widely.

Humans are the most balanced among the races, and have an innate tie to the old magics.

Humans tend to have several traits that have allowed them to survive and thrive:

Humans have the ability to adapt and change rapidly.
Humans can be more tolerant of others.
Humans have the ability to reproduce quickly (in relation to other demi-humans).
Humans have the ability to work together, and with others to further their ends.
Humans have a capacity for hope and survival that will face any catastrophe and find a way to rise above nearly any circumstances.

Humans are also a species of contradictions, and have several disadvantages as a group that they continually fight to overcome.

Humans can become stuck in their ways, and would face extinction rather than change.
Humans can be prone to hate, especially what they do not understand personally.
Humans work against each other, as much as they work with each other.
Humans despair quickly, and have volatile emotions that can be ecstatic, despair, invigorated, and hopeful all within the same day.


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