The typical person in Liaha has fair skin and light brown hair standing about 5’8" for men, and 5’5" for women. Eyes tend to be lighter in color with light blue, light green, and light brown all common. Darker color is seen on occasion. Hair color, height, and skin tone do see variations as Liaha is on several trade routes and outside blood is introduced into the populace at regular intervals, although the typical Liahan traits do tend to assert themselves in any children.

Other common hair colors are blond, brown, and occasionally red or black.

The people of Liaha benefit from a strong central government, good roads, a justice system, and strong borders. It has been a long time (in human terms) since a war has ravaged the countryside. The worst most people will ever have to worry about is a bandit or goblin raid.

Most Liahans feel loyalty to their country, then their city.


The Sundering Kerian