The typical person in Morlan has a slightly heavier frame and stands slightly taller than an average person from Liaha. A typical person from Morlan tends to stand 5’10" for men, and 5’7" for women. Hair tends to be dark brown to black in coloration, skin tone is a bit darker than those found in Liaha, but not remarkably so. Eye colors tend to be dark-ish in coloration with dark blues, dark browns, and rarely black found.

It is very rare to find blond hair, and even more so to find red. When it is found, it is assumed that the parents have some foreign blood and brings shame on the household.

Morlan is a fairly closed country so most of the populace will fit a similar mold without too much variation. Morlan traits are found about equally in offspring of a different nationality type.

The people of Morlan benefit from a strong family unit. Families tend to remain close in a semi-tribal structure and even when found in a city tend to reside close to each other. Strength is a virtue in Morlan and those with superior physical skills are seen as blessed.

Most Morlans feel loyalty to their family, their city/tribe, and then their country.


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