Morlan Money

Money from Morlan is shaped. Coins are typically hexagons or octagons, and have a hole in the center. Typically a triangle or square. The edges are ridged (milled) like many modern coins.

4 Iron Bits = 1 Copper
5 Copper = 1 Silver
5 Silver = 1 Gold
2 Gold = 1 Platinum

1 Platinum = 200 Iron Bits
1 Platinum = 50 Copper
1 Platinum = 10 Silver
1 Platinum = 2 Gold

Name Official Name Slang Weight
Iron Bits Falcons Smiths 2g or 215 to a pound
Copper Squad Hunters 8g or 54 to a pound
Silver Charger Steeds 6g or 72 to a pound
Gold Lances Dragons 8g or 55 to a pound
Plat Lions Castles 12g or 36 to a pound

Falcons/Smiths are named of the Falcon on one side, and because they tend to get melted down
for nails and other small projects.

Squads have 3 Archers pictured, that people think look like hunters.

Chargers have a horse, hence steeds.

Lances have a pair of crossed Lances on one side, and a stylized dragon on the other.

Lions have the Royal Crest on one side and a picture of a castle on the reverse.

Morlan Money

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